30 Things To Do In Auckland Before You Turn 30

By Olivia Atkinson
29th Aug 2016

30 Things To Do In Auckland Before You Turn 30

Ah, the big 3.0. For some (myself), it might feel like a world away. For others, it might feel like it’s about to rip away your naïve youth like a band aid and pounce in a matter of moments. If you’re in the latter tribe, grab a glass of vino and listen up. 

While the days of mid-week goon sack swigging and smashing a whole block of Whittakers may have fallen into the abyss of the past, it’s not all bad news. Yes, regular haircuts, kale salads and balanced breakfasts have crept into your life, but the fun is yet to begin! Trust us. 

If you’re about to farewell your carefree twenties, then adopt a healthy YOLO attitude and work your way through this list. 

Here’s 30 pretty damn rad things to do in Auckland before you turn 30. Because why the hell not?!

  1. Skilfully debate/flirt your way out of parking ticket. The fact an extra 10 mins equals a 30 buck fine should be a crime in itself. 
  2. Ask for a raise. Seriously, that deposit on a house ain’t going to save itself. Especially in Auckland… 
  3. Go on an impromptu vacay to Bali with your bestie, thanks to a bottle of wine and your oh-so adult credit card.
  4. Jump in the car and go on an impromptu road trip because this country is gob-smackingly gorgeous and you’ve got to see it all. 
  5. Challenge a mate to a Totally Insane Wings eating comp at The Lumsden Freehouse, and win. 
  6. Stop asking people where they went to school. They’ll only ask you back, which will inevitably lead to the dreaded question, ‘what year did you graduate?’. 
  7. Watch the sunrise from the summit of Mt Eden (hot choc and blankies optional). 
  8. Go for a ‘few quite beers’ on Friday evening and end up at The White Lady at 4am on Saturday. 
  9. Make your very own human i.e. have a baby. 
  10. Or buy a dog. Fur babies count, too. 
  11. Date a guy with a bach so you can flee the city for romantic mini breaks. 
  12. Briefly date a New Zealand celeb/rugby star/Block contestant. 
  13. Eat all of Auckland’s best croissants. Butter is great for your digestive health… 
  14. Go glamping. Just do it. 
  15. Stuff your face with seafood and espresso martinis at Ostro.  
  16. Dine at The French Café. Big girls and guys be big spenders. 
  17. Splash out on laser hair removal. Silky smooth ‘kini lines are a cherished gift that comes with age. 
  18. Overdose on the entire ice cream menu at Giapo, then try not to chunder on your shoes.  
  19. Treat yourself to a spa day, for some adult zen time. 
  20. Drink your way through the cocktail list at Mea Culpa before signing the night off with a whisky at The Cork. 
  21. Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Highlife and live to tell the tale. 
  22. Take a six-pack of crafties to Sentinel Beach in summer. 
  23. Get really, really sunburnt doing the above. 
  24. Buy something ridiculously overpriced from a swanky homeware store and instantly regret it. But it was on sale, ok?!
  25. Fall in love with Wellington for all of 30 seconds, before vowing never to actually consider moving there again. 
  26. Tally up the number of hours you’ve spent waiting for a table at Depot, then shed a tear about the sheer loss of precious time that you have left on this planet.  
  27. Belt out some classic tunes at a karaoke bar. Absolutely zero shame.
  28. Get wasted at the Boxing Day races. 
  29. Then smash your bubbly consumption record at the polo. 
  30. Toast the last eve of your twenties with multiple tipples at one of Auckland’s best bars. Here’s to another three decades of God knows what. 

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Image credit: Punchbowl

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