30 Things You’ll Never Hear An Aucklander Say

By Martha Brooke
6th Sep 2016

things you'll never hear an aucklander say

Aucklander’s live up to some good, ol’ stereotypes, but we know that we wouldn’t be the same without them! Let’s face it—we are known for saying what we think and giving opinions on things we sometimes shouldn’t (shout out to Mr Henry!)…however, there are some things you’ll never hear an Aucklander say. 30 of them, to be exact.

If you’ve ever been guilty of saying any of these, can you truly call yourself a Jafa?

  1. ‘Five dollars for an avocado? I’ll take three!’
  2. ‘No one on Ponsonby Road was wearing yoga pants.’
  3. ‘I have never Instagrammed my dinner.’
  4. ‘Or brunch from Dear Jervois.’
  5.  ‘Or cocktails from Bedford Soda & Liquor.’
  6. ‘Traffic? What traffic?’
  7. ‘There were no man buns in The Golden Dawn on Saturday night.’
  8. ‘There are heaps of parks outside.’
  9. ‘Briscoes aren’t having a sale.’
  10. ‘Do you think I’ll need an umbrella?’
  11. ‘I got a table outside at SPQR, no problem.’
  12. ‘I never see girls wearing Adidas Superstars, New Balance or Nike Roshe’s.’
  13. ‘That Miss Crabb dress is so cheap.’
  14. ‘The rent of my new, central apartment is so reasonable.’
  15. ‘There’s nowhere to get dumplings on Dominion Road.’
  16. ‘I have never regretted a freakshake from Casa Del Gelato.’
  17. ‘The weather man is always right.’
  18. ‘I never get out of breath walking up Mount Eden.’
  19. ‘Or whilst devouring my Burger Burger.’
  20. ‘I always remember what I did at Family Bar.’
  21. ‘Or how I ended up there.’ 
  22. ‘Aucklanders are really good drivers.’
  23. ‘I never get The Blue Breeze Inn pork buns stuck in my teeth.’
  24. ‘I love queuing up to get into Long Room’
  25. ‘I’ve never seen a contestant from The Bachelor at an event’
  26. ‘I can eat half a Toto’s pizza to myself’
  27. ‘I don’t choose to be gluten-free, I genuinely am.’
  28. ‘I love decaf coffee.’
  29. ‘Going to the cinema is such an inexpensive treat.’
  30. ‘I hate living in Auckland.’

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Image credit: Andrew Wilson for The Urban List at Barilla Dumplings, Dominion Road

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