32 Signs You Actually Have Your Life Together

By Simone Jovel
12th Oct 2016

32 Signs You Actually Have Your Life Together

Ah adulting. You wonderful thing. A whole new world of endless possibilities and opportunities, like getting to decide what you have for dinner, or even deciding not to eat dinner at all. It’s the time in our lives when we can finally make the decisions, call the shots and are in complete and total control of our destiny. 

And because we know that all of you, like us, are totes winning at life, we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite things that really make us feel as if we’ve nailed this whole adulting thing. 

Get ready for group hugs and virtual high fives all round, you little legend you.

  1. Wearing matching underwear
  2. Cooking enough dinner to have leftovers the next day. Remembering to take said leftovers to work
  3. Having your opal card somewhere you can actually find it
  4. Leaving the house with a fully charged phone, and remembering to bring your charger. Extra points if the charger actually works
  5. Knowing your car rego by heart
  6. Keeping receipts (and remembering where you put them) for tax
  7. Going food shopping and using all of the said food before it goes off in your fridge
  8. Saturday night, two percent battery, ordering an Uber and having it arrive before your phone goes flat
  9. Meditating
  10. Actually being active in your activewear
  11. Having a six drink rule and sticking to it
  12. Your manicure lasting more than 48 hours
  13. Memorising your pin number like a boss 
  14. Losing your phone, but having a lock on it 
  15. Those moments when you can afford to fill your petrol tank all the way up
  16. Leaving hydralyte, water and 2 panadol by your bed before you go out and remembering to take them when you come home
  17. Having enough money to renew your license for 5 years
  18. Not having to lie about skills and experience on your CV
  19. Waking up to no awkward morning-after Facebook posts
  20. Only loading 5 drunk snapchats instead of your regular 20
  21. Going to a farmers market and buying kale
  22. Knowing WTF to do with kale
  23. Wearing matching socks, preferably your own. And keeping the excitement of this to yourself whilst in public
  24. Waking up at your first alarm so you can actually wash your hair 
  25. When your day 5 hair can still pass thanks to half a can of dry shampoo 
  26. A streak free fake tan. Is it natural? No one can say for sure
  27. When your eyeliner is symmetrical and you’re like, no biggie
  28. Owning a Le Creuset 
  29. Being able to cook something in your Le Creuset
  30. Ordering wine by names other than ‘house red’ and ‘house white’
  31. Having at least one Aesop product in your bathroom (go for the hand soap: minimum expenditure, maximum visual impact)
  32. Waking up on Sunday morning and knowing who you are, where you are, and who is lying next to you

Now that you know how to win at life, here's how to win at #Fitspo.

Image credit: Yaserra Moosa

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