35 Reasons To Drop Everything And Travel

By Martha Brooke
30th Aug 2016

Is Simon in accounting making your blood boil? Are you dreaming of palm trees and coconuts? Do you find yourself dreaming of a man called Eduardo fanning you on a beach in Copacabana? (or maybe that one’s just us!) But if any of these are true, chances are you’ve got a bad case of Wanderlust.

And we also know that you’ve got one excuse after another as to why you can’t travel right now, like the fact you’ve got to save for a house (that quite likely you’ll never be able to afford). But we reckon it’s time to ditch the excuses and start packing. 

If you need a kick in the pants to justify why you need to drop everything and travel, you’re in luck because we’ve got 35 of them. You’re welcome. 

  1. You’ll meet friends for life. Shout out to Jake, Sarah, Rhys, John…
  2. You’ll have endless stories. ‘So this one time in band camp…’
  3. You’ll see some of the most breath-taking views. Cue the spine tingle and jaw drop.
  4. Your Instagram will be so on point it hurts. Hello new followers!
  5. You’ll eat all the foods. Chicago deep-dish pizza, Italian gelato, Vietnamese Pho …mmm, mmm and mmmm!
  6. You’ll have a constant tan. Well, fingers crossed and weather permitting!
  7. You’ll be able to ‘find yourself’. Hello Eat, Pray, Love. 
  8. You might just meet ‘the one’. Bronzed, svelte and goes by the name Stefano. 
  9. Or just have fun finding ‘the one’ along the way…cough cough
  10. You’ll acquire a new found talent of surviving on small amounts of money.
  11. And learn how to survive on instant noodles in those poorer times. Chicken flavour, get at me!
  12. You’ll be that person you always see travelling on your Facebook feed. Haters gonna hate.
  13. You’ll learn never to take decent shower pressure and hot water for granted. Ever again.
  14. Or your parents for that matter.
  15. You’ll do things you could only imagine doing—scuba diving, skydiving and sight-seeing galore!
  16. And do things you don't ever want word to get out about. Sorry Mum and Dad!
  17. You’ll go to some of the most magical places ever; Machu Picchu, Morocco, Milford Sound; need I go on?!
  18. You’ll educate yourself on all the history and become the brainiac you know you’re meant to be.
  19. You’ll see some of the most amazing wildlife. Watch out David Attenborough!
  20. The world is still yet to see your killer dance moves.
  21. You’ll learn how to kill it wearing hippie-style, harem pants all day errday.
  22. You’ll never be too far from a postcard-worthy place or picture.
  23. Because airplane food isn’t so bad anymore…
  24. Your boss won’t be in a good mood forever. Get that holiday leave form in ASAP!
  25. You’ll learn important life lessons along the way.
  26. You’ll be so street savvy, it’ll hurt. Think you can pick-pocket me, think again!
  27. Netflix will always be there. The Leaning Tower of Pisa may not.
  28. You’ll treasure mosquito repellent more than ever.
  29. You’re still young. Age is just a number, remember that!
  30. You’ll make bonds that will never break. And hopefully no bones for that matter either!
  31. You’ll be grateful for the smaller things in life.
  32. You won’t be able to call you know who all the way in Argentina, will you?!
  33. The memories you make will stay with you forever.
  34. And that elephant tattoo you got in Thailand.
  35. You only live once.

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Image credit: Polkadot Passport

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