40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching First Dates New Zealand

By Natasha Van Der Laan
17th Oct 2016

40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching First Dates New Zealand

​First Dates New Zealand went off with an absolute bang last week. The show follows Kiwi singletons as they head out on blind dates…and it’s as cringe-worthy as it sounds! While we’re still in two minds about the show, we found ourselves tuned in for the second episode. Here’s what we—and most likely you—were thinking as we watched the drama unfold.​

1. I can’t believe I’m watching this (again).

2. “My perfect woman would be about 5’7”. Blonde, blue eyes and probably between a petit and an athletic build.” Woah, woah, woah, Daniel. You’ve ruled out 99 per cent of the world’s population.

3. Thank goodness Katrina meets Daniel’s profile. Could this be a match?!

4. Katrina values a person’s personality…that didn’t seem to be a factor to Daniel.

5. “So you have a tattoo, my friend. What’s it of?” Katrina is right in there.

6. Star Trek Rick is my fave and he’s only had 10 seconds of screen-time!

7. “I’ve been single for five years. I’m almost kinda a virgin again.” I’m not too sure if that’s how it works, Rick… Slash five (five!) years?

8. Rick: “I’m not really attracted to guys who look like me. If I wanted someone who looked like me, I’d just go home and like, kiss a mirror.” Five minutes in and we’ve already heard the quote of the night.

9. Katrina: “I want to try everything!”
Daniel: “A dessert as well?”
Katrina: “Yeah, the lot. Are you on a diet, my friend?” You tell him, Katrina!

10. “Just eat, drink, be merry. Have a good time and chill out.” Katrina dishes out solid advice to Daniel The Party Pooper.

11. Keelan is 24? Wasn’t Star Trek Rick like 37?

12. He’s one of three gay brothers?! That’s some crazy odds.

13. Keelan: “I would have sex on a first date if I didn’t plan to have another date with them.” So let’s hope Rick doesn’t have sex tonight…?

14. You need three jobs to fund your drinking? How much do you drink, Keelan?!

15. Sue’s ex hubby left her by leaving a note on her pillow?! That’s so cruel!

16. Sue and Bevan have been married five times between them…

17. So Sue is delightful and Bevan is waaay stand-off. At least TRY to smile, Bev.

18. Is Bevan a recovering alcoholic...?

19. Bevan: “Can’t eat the entrée. Can’t eat the main. Can’t eat the dessert.” Awkward. You’d think they would have known about his dietary requirements ahead of filming…

20. Katrina: “Your ex girlfriend, what did she die from?” *choke*

21. Rowan’s an Irish cutie!

22. Eloise: “In my previous relationship, I was basically cheated on and dumped on New Year’s Day.” OUCH.

23. “I’m 5’11.” There goes Rowan’s dreams of finding a shorty.

24. You like Irish accents? It looks like you’re in luck, Eloise!

25. Rowan: “I’m originally from Ireland.”
Eloise: “NICE!” Enthusiasm is sky-high.

26. “I haven’t had sex for five years!” Yell it from the rooftops, Rick!

27. Sue: “I love a good game of cards.” You’re speaking my language, Sue.

28. Sue is lovin’ those Bailey-Kahlua creations…

29. Bevan is allergic to coffee?! Jeepers. Sucks to be him.

30. “You look stunning tonight.” Plot twist: Katrina leaves Daniel for the waiter.

31. Eloise, you’re also speaking my language with this bread chat. Bread = life.

32. Whaaat? Daniel and Katrina are going for a post-date drink? I thought chemistry was MIA.

33. You’re after someone better looking than Katrina? She’s a flippin’ model, mate!

34. Did Keelan just ninja Rick’s wine?

35. Awh bless. Rick’s calling his Mum to tell her how it’s going.

36. Keelan: “Do you want to see my magic trick? I can make wine disappear!” Lewl.

37. What did he whisper?!

38. He’s a nudist?! *chokes again*

39. Keelan + Rick 4eva.

40. Rowan + Eloise 4eva. I love happy endings.

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