40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Real Housewives Of Auckland

By Krysia Drecki
21st Sep 2016

40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Real Housewives Of Auckland

Wow. What a week. Whether you watched the episode or not, you’re bound to have heard about the drama about what happened on The Real Housewives Of Auckland. With racist comments, laughing yoga and champagne to the face it was tacky with a capital T. Things got VERY heated, VERY quickly. Here’s what we—and most likely you—were thinking. 

  1. Five drama-thirsty housewives spending the day together out at sea = recipe for disaster. 
  2. If you go out on a boat, and don’t get a snap, did you really go out on a boat?
  3. What kind of selfie pose you striking there Louise?  
  4. So apparently hearing a ‘splash’ when you’re on a boat is a cause for concern?
  5. Is that a shark? Or dolphin?  
  6. Ok the housewives are getting on waaaay too well, something's brewing, I can feel it.  
  7. Wow, she did not just pull out the N word.
  9. Shit just went 0 to 100, REAL quick. 
  10. ‘An old boating term’—lamest excuse ever Julia. 
  11. No, no and no. The N word is NEVER ok.
  12. Definition of a stupid blonde: Julia. 
  13. Hold up, why is Gilda crying?
  14. Is anyone else wondering why they never showed the actual outburst?
  15. Michelle is fuming right now. 
  16. *Sitting on the edge of my seat.
  17. How about these facials though?
  18. “It’s like a tube of toothpaste, once the toothpaste gets out, you can’t put it back in.” Pep talks by Angela. 
  19. Why is Julia getting so much sympathy?
  20. The N word is worse than the C word, according to Louise. 
  21. Louise knows who Kanye is? Respect. 
  22. Anyone else cringing at Angela’s awkward video chat with her husband? 
  23. Leah’s feeling sick? Apparently a bowl full of pills should do you just fine. 
  24. Ah, Anne. Never scared of calling out Julia for her choice of words.  
  25. “I need my own helicopter; it will be branded ‘Angela Stone’ with diamonds all over it.” Do you not know the different between a need and want Angela? 
  26. Only Anne would wear Swarovski crystal shoes to a rainforest.
  27. An Intuitive Life and Laughter coach. Is that a profession?
  28. Since when is “Hi-Ya!” our greeting in New Zealand?
  29. How cringe-worthy are these weird yoga activities? 
  30. Seriously, they're worse than my year 9 drama class exercises. 
  31. Julia’s always making it about herself. You’re in the wrong here honey, tears aren’t going to cut it. 
  32. Angela’s ‘I’m popular’ face. DED. 
  33. Apparently Angela has more wisdom, empathy and understanding than the rest of us… Classic gag. 
  34. Note: never use fake tan when wearing a white bikini. You'd think a 'fashion stylist' would know this.
  35. Confirmed: Gilda is New Zealand’s very own Kim K. 
  36. Was anyone else holding their breath as Julia slurred and stuttered in her apology?
  37. The fact that Michelle can joke about Julia going home to watch 12 Years of Slave proves she’s the bigger person. 
  38. ‘Beautiful, proud, black woman’. We love you, Michelle.   
  39. I still can’t believe Julia said the N word.
  40. So much drama! I can’t wait to gossip about it with the girls. 

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