40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Real Housewives Of Auckland

By Krysia Drecki
27th Sep 2016

40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Real Housewives Of Auckland

Tuesday = trashy TV day. We love tuning in to see what outrageous things The Real Housewives Of Auckland have been up to. After last week, we’ve established that Julia’s got a big mouth, while Michelle’s got a temper. Racist comments aside, we figure if Michelle could forgive Julia, so can we. New week, new drama! Here’s what we were thinking as we watched The Real Housewives of Auckland this week:

  1. Praying that Julia keeps her mouth shut this week. 
  2. Actually, what the heck, we love the drama. Bring. It. On. 
  3. Wow, what a house. What a baller. 
  4. How mean is Michelle locking her dog up in the pool? He looks so sad. 
  5. She did not just call him ‘Doggy Style Dan’, did she?
  6. ‘I’m Missionary Michelle’ – what an introduction. 
  7. Just because it’s your favourite position, don’t mean you need to share it, girlfriend. #TMI
  8. Anyone else cringing at Michelle’s flirting efforts?
  9. Forget pool boys, dog trainers are the new eye candy for housewives. 
  10. Should the dog really be drinking water from the pool? No. The answer is no. 
  11. Dogs are like mirrors; they reflect your energy—dog advice from Doggy Dan
  12. Ah Gilda, your fashion and facials never fail us. 
  13. Did Michelle and Gilda purposely get the same kind of dog or is that just a coincidence? 
  14. Catch up at Dear Jervois? Great choice, ladies!
  15. What’s with Angela’s ‘magic potion’? We hope it brings you luck, Louise. 
  16. A cross between Angela and Louise running for mayor? Let’s not go there. 
  17. Speaking of, who am I going to vote for mayor? 
  18. The Parnell Pussies. Seriously, what is even going on?
  19. I wonder if these cat feeding spots actually exist? 
  20. Apparently Julia didn’t dress appropriately for the cat feeding expedition. Are high heels and a fur vest really your idea of appropriate, Anne?
  21. Anne wants to be cremated with all of her cat’s ashes. That’s it, she’s done it, she's reached the epitome of Crazy Cat Lady. 
  22. Julia’s hidden talent: clay bird shooting. Lol.
  23. Scratch that, she’s all talk. 
  24. The awkward moment when you go to show off you’re hidden talent and all your friends are better than you at it. 
  25. ‘This is squashing my Gucci earrings’. Honestly, that’s a first world problem if we ever did hear one. 
  26. Gilda’s shot AK-47’s before?! She’s definitely every guy’s favourite now. 
  27. Glad to see these two getting along nicely. 
  28. Anne: an animal welfare activist that wears fur because the animal ‘was going to be killed anyway’. Double standards much? 
  29. Oh Angela, we know you mean well, but a book about ‘Being Real’? 
  30. I’m quite intrigued to see what that entails. 
  31. Now Gilda’s writing a book too? Don’t you love when another housewife steal’s Angela’s thunder. 
  32. A book about astrophysics? Well at least that better than ‘Being Real’...whatever that means. 
  33. Gilda and Angela really are polar opposites. 
  34. Did he say $100 for a shot of whiskey!? So many cash monies.  
  35. And Gilda doesn’t even flinch. 
  36. Who is this guy and how bored does he look right now?
  37. Oh, apparently he’s the stylist. 
  38. Angela: “I am a professional model and I’m so comfortable exposing myself.” Thanks for clearing that up.  
  39. Whoopsie, we almost got a nip slip there, Angela. 
  40. Well, there’s another hour of my life wasted on trashy TV. 

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