40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Real Housewives of Auckland

By Krysia Drecki
4th Oct 2016

Eight weeks in and the Real Housewives of Auckland are still going strong. This week saw the return of our beloved Rohan, Anne’s charming nephew. We also see a ‘real’ side of Angela (and we’re not talking about her book), as well as some fierce car racing competition and an attempt at sketching a nude male models. Oh the lives the housewives live…
Here’s what we were thinking as we tuned in this week:

  1. Wait a sec, that doesn’t look like the City of Sails...what are we doing in Christchurch ladies?
  2. Don’t you love it when mum’s in a nosey ‘give me the goss’ mood at the dinner table. Leave me be mother. 
  3. How great is ball season? Take me back. 
  4. Rohan’s back? I hope he’s been practicing his etiquette!
  5. (Secretly pray for his life)
  6. Anne used to trade mandarins for kisses, how romantic. 
  7. Rohan: good looks, good grades and high vocabulary gets the girls. Take note boys. 
  8. How are Rohan and Ella the same age!?
  9. The face you pull when you get set up for a blind date. 
  10. You know a date is not going well when you’re both on your phones. 
  11. I love how Angela has to ask herself round to Louise’s house.
  12. Lousie: ‘Is this book for men or for women?’ We’re not too sure either…
  13. It’s all a bit ‘airy fairy’ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Louise.
  14. ‘We are souls having a human experience’. V spiritual there Angela.
  15. We’re loving Louise’s facials as she listens to Angela rattle on about ‘being real’.
  16. We should hope a dead person doesn’t look like a live person.
  17. Take one foot of the treadmill? I don’t think that would end well.
  18. Angela = the definition of navel gazing. 
  19. Louise was a journalist on 20/20? Must’ve been before my time. 
  20. Who describes themselves as a marshmallow?
  21. A live nude drawing? This should get interesting. 
  22. The nude male model’s got longer hair than me!
  23. Wow we feel sorry for the model having to stand in that awkward position.
  24. Who actually ‘feeds’ their partner when dining out together?
  25. We know you haven’t seen him in a while, but a little too much PDA for our liking there Angela.
  26. Angela: ‘I’m working hard, building my empire’.
  27. We spot a few signs that Kirk’s just not into Angela. She should read our article on 31 Warning Signs They’re Just Not That Into You.
  28. I guess Angela missed the memo about wearing black. 
  29. How slow is Ann going to drive along that racetrack? It’s like she thinks slow is the way to go.
  30. I don’t think the race car driver wants to know about Angela’s fashion stylist career. 
  31. God that woman can talk.
  32. ‘B**** got big feet’ – What an insult Michelle!
  33. Julia: apparently the sexiest thing on two legs, getting into the sexiest things on four wheels. 
  34. Gilda can drift? She’s definitely every guy’s favourite. 
  35. Why are Gilda and Angela toasting to ‘two minds that think alike’? Their minds are complete opposites. 
  36. It’s nice to see the housewives coming together and supporting Angela as she goes through ‘boy trouble’. In the end, what are girlfriends for?
  37. Julia: ‘If you love someone, let them go, if they come back, let them go again because it means no one else wanted them.'
  38. Louise “Like clothes on sale, nobody wants them” 
  39. So many great one-liners this week ladies!
  40. I think that’s the first episode that ended with all the housewives getting along. Let’s see how long it lasts. 

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