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5 Beauty Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

By Phoebe Hurst
11th Apr 2016

You may have moved on from your glittery eyeliner obsession and pile-on-with-shovel approach to foundation application, but no one is safe from the odd makeup mishap. A tad too much blusher here, a hasty slick of 'Candy Lustre' lip gloss there and before you know it, you're looking more Ronald McDonald than a MAC model.

The worst beauty mistakes are the ones we don't even realise we're making (and, chances are, you've already made one today. Yikes!). To clean up your morning make up routine and help you on your way to polished perfection, here's a guide to the sneaky beauty mistakes that get us every time. 

Chances are you've been using the same amount of powder to set your foundation since you were a teen, right? While your sebaceous young skin needed all the oil absorption help it could get, if your still piling on the powder you could be making yourself look years older. Over-powdering could be accentuating wrinkles, making you look more china doll-y than youthful and dewy. Most of us only need a subtle sweep of translucent powder over the nose and forehead to last the day (tip: use a large, fluffy powder brush for the most subtle coverage.) 

This one is a real make up no-no: never 'pump' your mascara. Doing so allows bacteria to get into the tube and can damage the brush. It also introduces excess air into the product, which is what causes the 'clumps' of mascara on your lashes (not hot). If you find your mascara isn't sticking to the wand, run the tube under hot water and it'll soon be workable.   

You may think you've got the lipstick thing down, but we're willing to bet you don't use a primer. It may seem unnecessary, but a dab of lip primer will create a smooth canvas on which to apply your colour. A good lip primer also helps your lipstick to stay in place all day and can even cover signs of aging as it fills in the lines around your mouth. 

Your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation, right? Wrong! Unless you're brightening up the area under your eyes or adding highlights, choose a concealer stick that matches your foundation for full blemish coverage. Otherwise your concealer will act like a giant glowing arrow pointing straight to your spot. 

We all love Cara Delevingne's power brow, but the defined look isn't for everyone. Don't be tempted to pile on the colour when working on your eyebrows; instead follow your face shape and gently emphasise the natural curve using a brow powder and an angled brush, filling the brows in with light, feathery strokes. And remember, your eyebrows should look like sisters, not twins: they're not meant to be symmetrical.  

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