50 of Auckland’s Healthiest Dishes

By Tennille Ziegler
22nd Aug 2016

50 of Auckland’s Healthiest Dishes

If you’re on the health craze, let us assure you that this doesn’t limit you from making the most of the awesome taste sensations that Auckland’s top cafes and restaurants are dishing up. In the interests of health, we’ve rounded up our favourite healthiest dishes (50 to be exact) for you to print out and tick off as you make your way through it.

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Without further ado, we bring you, 50 of Auckland’s healthiest dishes. 

  1. If you’re a Granola guru try the one from Geeks on Sainsbury.
  2. For a healthy sweet treat try the Beetroot & Cacao slice from Sip Kitchen.
  3. The Beet Nut dish from Crave Café
  4. Toka Toka kumara wedges from Ethos Café
  5. The Kottu Rotti from 7 Siri.
  6. To fix your sweet tooth over breakfast try the vegan coconut French toast from Café Mimosa.
  7. Seafood fans rejoice with the home cured salmon sashimi from Balance Kitchen.
  8. Your insides will thank you with the be good vegan dish from Dear Jervois.
  9. Rustic nut and seed toast topped with berry chia jam and cashew butter from Monday’s Wholefoods.
  10. The Cacao Superfoods smoothie from Little Bird Unbakery is a must-try.
  11. For a healthy and filling meal, eat the City Works from Odettes.
  12. Herbed broken eggs and broccolini from Major Sprout.
  13. Take a Hibiscus Coast jaunt and try the forage bowl from Gather Café.
  14. Eat the colours of the rainbow with the redergize bowl from Food Truck Garage.
  15. For something a little out of the ordinary try the Harissa roast purple eggplant from Kokako—don’t forget a coffee while you’re at it.  
  16. Get cultured with the Balinese sticky black rice from Little Sister Café.  
  17. For a true farm-to-table experience get the set menu from Provenance Kumeu.
  18. For homemade middle-eastern goodness the vegetarian on rice from Petra Shawarma is an absolute must.
  19. If you live out West, opt for a standard eggs on toast from Westies café.
  20. Fish Po’ Boy with avocado, salsa and slaw from Onehunga Café.
  21. Smashed Avocado on Midnight Baker’s bread from Eat at The Shelter.
  22. For a mid-winter health fix, get the raw ginger slice from Two Spoons.
  23. If you can’t resist a burger, opt for a vegan choice from Wise Boys
  24. The breakfast cup from The Raw Kitchen is not to be missed. 
  25. Your mouth will be salivating over the roasted tomato on sourdough from Nourish Café
  26. Enjoy some quinoa and beetroot fritters from Jam Organic Café.
  27. Opt for the meal of the day from Wise Cicada, it changes daily. 
  28. Choose from a variety of salads from Ripe.
  29. Get a macrobiotic dessert from Janken.
  30. For a big breakfast healthy style, get the Vege Grill from Hinemoa Street Organic Café.
  31. Get your taco on with a turmeric scrambled tofu taco from Greenleaf Organics
  32. For a Turkish delight, try the Turkish Garden at Big Sur.
  33. Get a mix of delicious salads from Bird on a wire.
  34. You can’t miss the Midnight Baker stack from The Strand Café.
  35. It’s too difficult to choose just one dish from Misters—head there yourself to decide.
  36. We can’t go past the Torched Eggs as our fave dish at Welcome Eatery. Think torched eggs with provolone, served with freedom loaf and topped with beet salt—delish. 
  37. With farm-to-table ingredients at Ortolana, there are plenty of favourites to choose from.
  38. For a natural caffeine fix try the matcha buckwheat pancakes at True Food and Yoga.
  39. Opt for the banquet at Saan.
  40. Try Were Bros sandwiches made with Carter’s infamous seeded bread. 
  41. Don’t miss the spicy salad with green papaya from Café Hanoi.
  42. Order a bunch of salads for the office from Revive.
  43. For fine dining of Indian cuisine, try the tasting menu from Cassia.
  44. The Beef Tataki from Ebisu is to die for.
  45. We believe it’s ok to indulge in bread, especially if it’s handcrafted from Bread & Butter.
  46. The fitness bowl at Catroux is an obvious no-brainer. 
  47. For a fancy way to eat your eggs, try the nest from L’oeuf.
  48. If you love Halloumi you must try the grilled haloumi salad from Zomer.
  49. You can eat healthy at a burger bar, get the charred broccoli from Burger Burger
  50. For an out of the ordinary breakfast head to Orphan’s Kitchen for the rolled rye oats, rhubarb, almond, cacao and buffalo milk.

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Image credit: Wise Boys Burgers

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