7 Fashion Mistakes You’ll Regret Forever

By Tennille Ziegler
8th Aug 2016

Fashion has rules, and while sometimes we agree these rules should be broken, we also think there are some fashion guidelines that just need to be followed. We’ve seen some ’90s trends make their way back to the runway and the streets and, to be quite frank, we’re a little frightened of what the fashion world has in store for us next. So, without further ado, we bring you the seven deadly sins of fashion. Note: no matter who starts donning these trends we hereby swear to abide by these fashion don’ts. 

#1. Revealing Too Much

It’s all well and good to put on your party dress for a night on the town, but please listen to your mother when she tells you that you can’t bare both chest and legs. It’s one or the other, especially if you’re going to endure a few alcoholic beverages on your night out. Baring all will only end in a disaster, as it’s much too difficult to be looking after the hemline of your skirt and the cleavage on your shirt. 

#2. Wearing An Entire Look From The Runway

We get how tempting it is to buy an entire look straight from the runway (or a cheaper knock-off), but this serves no credibility to you in the style stakes. Create your own personal style, and if you do want every item as seen on the model, then at least mix and match it with personal accessories. 

#3. Un-Ironed Clothes

Ironing sucks, we know. While it seems pretty simple to just pretend you don’t see the creases in your silk shirt, it is blatantly obvious to those around you. Do yourself a favour and spend your Sunday evening ironing a couple of items you plan on wearing that week. 

#4. Oh Dear, That’s Too Sheer

That’s what people will be saying around you if you don’t pick up on a trend the right way. Whilst we’re all for a bit of sheerness, ensure you are wearing this in the right situation. Save your Kate Moss sheer dress with lonely underwear for the festival or high-fashion party. Co-workers won’t understand or appreciate seeing the outline of your shape underneath your dress. 

#5. Showing The Stains

Always check your clothes before you head out the door because nothing says “I just got out of bed and threw on the thing closest to me” more than a lovely stain of last night’s dinner. Save your pennies for a trip to the drycleaners to keep your clothes stain and smell-free. 

#6. Getting Swept Up In A Trend

It’s all well and good to follow key trends of the season, but you need to keep in mind what works for you. You don’t want to be wearing high-rise, floor-length flares if you’re 5’4—no offence to the shorties out there but this just ain’t gonna work, unless you plan on spending an extra $20 to get your hems cut and dedicate yourself to wearing heels on every outing. Know what works for your body type and adapt the trend to suit you.

#7. Buying Something On Sale Because It’s The Last One In Your Size

We’re all a little guilty of getting sucked into sales, and going to your favourite designer garage sale can be tempting to over spend. Sometimes we are swayed by what’s available in our last size especially with the sales assistant pitch “that’s our very last one, aren’t you lucky”. One of our top tips is going into a sale with the mind frame that you can only buy it if you’d purchase it at full price. 

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