7 Of The Best Breakfast Crêpes In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
20th Aug 2016

7 Of The Best Breakfast Crêpes In Auckland

Move over macarons, éclairs and brûlées. What French treat can you eat for breakfast without judgment? La crêpe, of course! 

Sold all over France in street stands and cafés, crêpes are lighter, thinner and crispier than their pancake cousin. Popular sweet toppings include lemon, Nutella and bananas, while the savoury version—known as a galette—is often filled with ham, cheese and eggs. 

Crêpes have made their way from the streets of Paris to Auckland-town, quickly becoming a breakfast fave. We’ve eaten our way around town to bring you our pick of the best breakfast crêpes in Auckland. Bon appetite!

Crêpes A Gogo

Ponsonby Central

Make sure you arrive hungry at Crêpes A Gogo in Ponsonby Central. Why? Because there’s no way you’ll be able to settle on just having one when there are almost 30 crêpes to choose from! Start with a savoury buckwheat galette topped with the likes of sundried tomatoes, grilled bacon and hummus before moving on to a sweet delight. Our pick of the lot is their take on the croque monsieur. The crêpe is topped with ham, cheddar, butter and the all-important béchamel sauce. 

Odettes Eatery

City Works Depot

Our hearts broke when we heard Odettes Eatery’s much-loved chocolate crêpe had been removed from the menu. However, they healed quickly when we discovered what it had been replaced with: a Tongan vanilla crêpe served with lemon custard (oh boy!). It’s garnished with a generous sprinkling of seeds, nuts and raspberries. If you really want to treat yourself (you do), we suggest you go for the optional extra of vanilla ice cream. 

French Crêpes

La Cigale French Market

Roll up to Parnell’s La Cigale French Market on the weekend and make a beeline for the French Crêpes stall. These delicious crêpes are prepared right before your very eyes as the friendly folk expertly pour, spread and cook the batter on a massive hot plate. They’re served piping hot and topped with the likes of passionfruit, whipped cream, strawberry jam and wildberry. Our go-to topping is Nutella and banana—om nom nom!



It’s no surprise that French café and bistro L’Assiette know a thing or two about crêpes. They’ve got a range of both savoury galettes and sweet crêpes. We can’t go past the nordique offering with salmon, red onion, capers and a zesty lemon crème fraiche. As for sweet, their crêpes cater to both salted caramel and Nutella lovers. Be sure to pick up a macaron on your way out the door—it’d be rude not to! 

Petit Bocal


Petit Bocal is also serving up an authentic taste of France. The cosy neighbourhood café has three sweet crêpes up for grabs. They like to keep their toppings simple and authentic—think lemon and sugar, maple syrup or Nutella. The toppings are served alongside your crêpes so you can add as much Nutella (or similar) as you please. But, let’s be honest, you’re going to smother that pancake with as much goodness as you possibly can!

Remuera Local


Kick-start your day with Remuera Local’s hearty breakfast crêpes. You’ll be served not one, not two but THREE crêpes. What’s more, the café and bistro don’t skimp out on toppings—these crêpes come with fresh fruit, maple syrup AND bacon. Not only with this meal satisfy your crêpe craving, but it will also fuel you for the day (that, or put you in a food coma). 

Torchon French Crêperie 

Elliot Stables 

In case you didn’t know, Auckland is home to its very own crêperie. Nestled in Elliot Stables, you’ll stumble upon Torchon French Crêperie. Visit over breakfast for a sweet crêpe such as banana chocolate, caramelised apple or Nutella with almonds. Things get turned up a notch over lunch and dinner when their savoury galettes make and appearance. Anyone for trois fromages (translation: three cheeses) starring blue cheese, cheddar, brie, sausage and walnuts. Polish things off with a sweet number for dessert. Go on, you deserve it! 

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Image credit: Odettes Eatery

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