A Letter To The Kim Kardashian Haters

By Bianca O'Neill
1st Apr 2016

Are you a Kim K hater? Do you use phrases like "she's only famous because of her sex tape" and "OMG that horrific reality show is balls"? Do you think KK and Kanye totally belong together, in the worst way possible? 

I was once one of you. But today I stand before you converted, here to change your mind. Don't resist, just let it happen. And by it, I mean slide into the Kardashian-loving world of outrageous bootay, naked selfies, and body-con dressing. 

I'm going to address your concerns one by one: because they're all total bullshit. Here's why...

1. The Whole Sex Tape Thing

Look, there are so many reasons why ripping on Kimmy K solely based on the fact she had a sex tape, is really wrong. First of all, #slutshaming. Second of all, let he who hath not bonked some idiot at some point in their past cast the first stone. But thirdly, and most importantly, a woman making a sex tape with her partner (knowingly or unknowingly, this point still applies), actually has no effect whatsoever on her ability to be smart, a great businesswoman, a good person, or a good mother. Upon pressing a record button, she doesn't magically turn into a sex-obsessed, stupid, terrible mother who can't ace an Excel spready at tax time. FUNNY THAT HEY. And then, to be betrayed by your partner when he sells it to prop up his (still) irrelevant career as a rapper? Yep, still not anything to do with Kimmy K's credibility as a woman. Still confused? You can show yourself out now, kthanksbai.

2. The Fashion

Guys, I am about to say something I may not ever live down, but, here goes: lately, Kimmy K’s outfits haven’t been making me want to puke. Sure, her attraction to stretchy fabrics and latex, condom-coloured onesies is concerning, but, much like another formerly trashy fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, she’s—dare we say it—kind of directional? Regardless of whether you’d wear her gear or not, even the most staunch hater has to admit that girlfriend has turned her game around from her 2010 days.

3. The Reality TV Show

I'm always amused when people hate on Kimmy based on the fact she's on a reality show. So is Heidi Klum! So was Rachel Zoe! But no one thinks Heidi’s a worse supermodel or Zoe is a shitty stylist. Look, if I could get paid bank by having a bunch of people film me being mean to my sisters, I'd sign up immediately.

4. The "She's Not A Real Businesswoman" Argument

The bed covered in cash she’s currently rolling around in says otherwise. In fact, the Kardashian empire is growing by the day—and it's not from Playboy cover shoots. There's the KUWTK shows, and all the spin offs (Dash Dolls, etc.), the Dash clothing chain, the Kardashian Kollection shoe and accessories line, the perfume line, and—most lucratively—there's the app empire. It has reportedly raked in $200 million alone. Sounds like a pretty real businesswoman to me.

Still not convinced? Still a Kim K hater? Maybe you're just jealous... I know I am.

Image credit: Youtube

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