Advice For Guys Planning Their Own Wedding

By Daniel Colasimone
29th Feb 2016

After many memorable years as an international playboy (cough), I’m getting married in a couple of weeks. Stop wailing, ladies, you had your chance. There are plenty of other (albeit inferior) guys out there.

My partner Emilee and I decided we’d plan the whole thing ourselves pretty much as soon as I’d fianced her. In fact, she already had a WEDDING FOLDER going a few minutes after I’d popped the question over a glass of bubbles. That might be a slight exaggeration, but there was definitely a WEDDING FOLDER within 48 hours.

There are several ways you can react to this situation as a guy. You either take a massive step back, leave it all up to her and say ‘see you on our wedding day’. Or you can decide to get involved. Or you can flee to Thailand. I chose to get involved.

Let me just point out at this stage that when I say I helped arrange this wedding, I probably deserve about 10 per cent of the credit for planning. Emilee has put in the real hours. So my first tip is to get engaged to someone who is smart and highly organised. Here’s what else I can recommend:

#1 Actually Have Fun With It

It’s vital that you have fun with it. Don’t get into the mindset that there are any rules to follow. It’s your day as a couple so that means YOU get to choose what food you want to eat, how you want people to dress, what music is playing and what type of beer and wine is served. Don’t like wine? Serve Pasito. Make everyone say ‘clickety-clack’ instead of ‘cheers’. Do whatever you want. In the same vein, don’t get fixated on keeping your guests happy or your parents happy.

#2 Do What You Know

Next, dive into stuff you actually have an opinion on or know you’ll be good at organising. I put my hand up for food and booze. Because I like food and booze. I didn’t throw my weight around when it came to choosing decorations, or cake style, or flowers because I would have ended up smothered to death in my sleep. I called the marquee hire place and Old Mate who runs the hall, she did a thousand other things that I wouldn’t have even thought of. It’s all about balance, harmony and not getting murdered in your sleep by your partner. There will be fights regardless, believe me. But try to choose your battles wisely.

#3 Delegate Like A Boss

Delegate. Mums are great at making desserts and dads are good at owning ladders and arranging ice. Use these talents.

#4 Have A Life Outside of ‘The Wedding’

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t let the wedding consume your whole life. Know when to switch off from wedding planning mode and just be a couple. It helps to have arranged meeting times where everything pending can be discussed, rather than letting it constantly creep into all your conversations.  

#5 C'est La Vie

Ultimately, if everyone can see that you’re crazy about each other and you’re enjoying yourselves, then they’ll have a good time and nothing can go too badly wrong, even if it’s pouring rain and your cousin spews on the cake. Good times, hey?

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