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Get Schooled With A Whole Lot Of Attitude, Dwight Schrute Just Dropped A Doco On Climate Change

By Jessica Best
20th Aug 2020

screen grab of dwight schrute from the office

There’s not a lot you can’t love about Dwight Schrute. His confidence meets semi-clueless personality can only be endearing at the best of times and now, The Office star, who you really know as Rainn Wilson is taking to YouTube in a documentary series on climate change.

The docuseries has been dubbed An Idiot’s Guide To Climate Change (if you’re a true Office stan, you’ll get the Dwight reference), and it comes in hot from Wilson’s content studio SoulPancake. The six-part series is hosted by Wilson as well and documents his mission to learn more about climate change, and his transformation from “uninformed liberal” to strident climate activist.

The show naturally combines a whole lot of humour too (Dwight-style). One episode spans Wilson’s quest to quite literally “find” Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg so he can learn more about how her generation is battling climate change. In another episode, Wilson meets up with scientist Gail Whiteman and take a helicopter ride to a glacier and then continue on to a melting ice cap to chat about the actual economic impact of climate change.

The actor also chats with astronomer and climate activist Saevar Helgi Bragason and does a whole lot of hunting down the facts (by flying to places like Greenland) on how we can all better protect our planet in our day to day lives.

Watch it here.

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Image credit: The Office

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