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Auckland, Here’s Where You Can Find Cash Prizes & Free Ice Cream Scoops This Month

By Rachel Lay
9th Oct 2018

Nope, you did not read that title wrong. Yes, the ice cream will be free and you will also have the chance to score your share of $5000 in cash prizes. Friends, we believe that’s exactly what they call a win-win.

Want to know where, how, and why? Keep on reading.

Come October 13 you’ll be able to head down to the ever iconic Ollies Burgers & Ice Cream in Royal Oak for free scoops of another, well, iconic Kiwi icon—Tip Top! The whole event is in honour of their brand spankin’ new flavours. And in case you missed the memo, they’re launching not one, but TWO new flavours!

Allow us to introduce Kiwifruit Pavlova (because yes, Kiwis are the real inventors of the humble pav, not the Aussies—fact) and the classic Cola Spider. You might have caught these guys in some Tip Top Scoop Parlours, but, from October 15 you will finally be able to buy them in two-litre tubs to eat at home. Netflix and chill—literally, chilled—come at us.

Plus, Jono, Ben and Sharyn from The Edge will be on site broadcasting live on the Saturday, and scooping up ice cream to win cash for their listeners in the lead up from Monday 8 October. Nice.

So, put it in your diary and head on down to Ollie’s for a free scoop (and your chance to win some free money!) on October 13 from 2 to 5pm.

You will most definitely see us there. 

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with Tip Top. Thank for supporting the partners who make The Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here. 

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