9 Beautiful Spots To Do Outdoor Yoga In Auckland

By Tennille Ziegler
9th Aug 2016

Auckland’s Beautiful Spots To Do Outdoor Yoga

If you’re getting sick of the same scenery at your regular yoga studio, then spend some time practising yoga outside. Yes, the bones may experience a bit of a chill, but there’s nothing better than rolling out your mat and stretching it out while overlooking some of the most beautiful spots in Auckland. 

Here are our top choices for Auckland’s beautiful spots to do outdoor yoga. 

#1 Cheltenham Beach

This little gem on the North Shore is one of Devonport’s finest, they actually don’t consider it as the Shore. Devonport peeps like to claim they live in their own town, it’s different from the shore ok? This secluded beach is the perfect spot to set up your practise. 

#2 Maori Bay

Maori Bay, located just a stones throw away from Muriwai provides a great lookout spot to watch the waves roll in. It’s also an epic sunset watching spot. Take a Sunday adventure out west and enjoy this visual reality.

#3 Stanmore Bay Park

The Hibiscus Coast provides many pleasurable outdoor spots, while making you feel as though you’re out of Auckland with its laidback vibes. Stanmore Bay Park is beachfront, so you’ll reap the benefits of being in nature and watching the water. 

#4 The Top Of Rangitoto Island

Take a small trip to Rangitoto Island for the day—think of an eat, pray, love type of day. Bring a delicious picnic to enjoy when you get to the top. Don’t forget the pray component—practise some yoga once you reach the top. 

#5 Westhaven Marina Walkway

Along Westhaven Marina resides a walkway, a beautiful walk that overlooks all the boats sitting in the marina, and there are plenty. Along this walkway you’ll find a little grassy area, the perfect spot to practise some yoga. Enjoy the view and find out why Auckland is called the city of sails. 

#6 North Head

Another one for Devonport locals is North Head, looking out towards the city, North Head provides a beautiful view and a great spot for you to take it all in. After your yoga practise why not check out the tunnels and give yourself a history lesson?

#7 Waiheke Island

Another ferry ride away resides Waiheke Island, this stunner of a spot provides oh so many places to practise your yoga. We recommend visiting a winery so you can treat yourself to some wine and cheese post yoga. It’s all about balance right? 

#8 Long Bay Reserve

If you live on the shore then no doubt you’ve been to Long Bay Reserve, a favourite place for summer barbeques and chilling out with friends. This reserve is great for yoga, with plenty of spots for you to set up. We recommend getting an entire gang together and having a group yoga session. 

#9 Queens Wharf

For the inner-city dwellers, make the most of your neighbourhood and practise some yoga at the end of Queens Wharf. The wharf looks out to the Auckland channel where you’ll see ships sailing by. 

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Image credit: Josh Kramer Yoga

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