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Where To Find Hardshake Happiness In Auckland

By Olivia Atkinson
10th Mar 2016

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Being tipsy is pretty fun and sugar highs ain’t bad either. But when life gives you the opportunity to experience both in unison, you grab it by the balls and slurp, slurp, slurp away. 

Liquor-laden shakes are literally the best thing that could happen to booze-loving, sugar-fiends like ourselves. Not only do they let you indulge your sweet tooth, there’s an added bonus of warm fuzzies. Sure, plain ol’ milkshakes have a permanent place in our hearts, but hardshakes know how to party. 

Behold, our picks of where to get the best hardshakes in Auckland. Get ready to get AMPED UP. 



Helloooo, hardshake heaven. Orleans don’t mess around when it comes to boozy shakes. Choose from salted caramel made with Stolen Rum and caramel popcorn, bourbon-laced choc and peanut butter, or strawberries, cream and vodka, and let the sweet, sweet milky goodness be made better by liquor. Be warned, these bad boys are hard and shaky in every sense of the word…slurp slowly. 

Bedford Soda & Liquor 


You need no reminder that Bedford Soda & Liquor is the place to go for b-e-a-utiful cocktails. However, we suggest you skip the daises and cobblers for a dose of alcoholic shakiness. Coffee fans will appreciate the collision of bourbon and caffeine in the espresso bourbon maple shake, or take a trip down memory lane with the coconut grasshopper shake. This baby is a mix of coconut vodka, mint, chocolate, and peppermint Aerobar (#TBT). Once you’re done with those, the banana and gingerbread rum shake and salted caramel Malteaser will be waiting.

Al’s Deli 

Auckland CBD 

Oh Al. From poutine to hot dogs, inject-your-own donuts and moose ears, you really know what makes us tick. And your hardshakes are no exception. Al’s Deli has a slurplingly good line-up including Nutella Irish cream, caramel bourbon, white Russian, and errybody’s fave, peanut butter cup. These shakes are made naughty with vodka, Baileys or a splash of Jack, and will wash down your burgers, bagels and BBQ ribs in the most delightful way. 

Miss Moonshine’s 


Ease yourself into the hardshake trend with Miss Moonshine’s dessert-esque shots. The Jammy Donut combines raspberry vodka, Chambord and vanilla sugar n’ cream, while Herbie Goes Banana’s is a sweet show of crème de banana and vanilla moonshine n’ Baileys. No doubt you’ll be left wanting more. 

Charlie Baxter’s 


These babies are pretty much what you’d expect from your old-school corner store shake, but with a shot or two of booze for good measure. Ellerslie bar, Charlie Baxter’s offers ‘milkshakes with a twist’. Take your pick between the classic favourites of chocolate, banana, strawberry, lime and mint (or try all five), and settle down in this cosy bar for a night of hardshake heaven. 

Rather keep things PG? Auckland’s Best Milkshakes might be your cup of tea. 

Image credit: Lure

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