Auckland’s Best Naked Burgers

By Natasha Van Der Laan
27th Sep 2016

Auckland’s Best Naked Burgers

There’s no denying Aucklanders lurveee their burgers. We’ve done you all a favour by rounding up the 20 best burgers in Auckland. We’ve also discovered the best gourmet burgers, vegetarian-friendly burgers and mini burgers (aka sliders).

Burgers are often associated with cheat meals and hangover eats but it doesn’t need to be like that. Swap that burger bun for a lettuce leaf or two and you’ve got yourself a low-carb alternative that’s equally as tasty—promise. These naked burgers will, err, make you look good naked!

Burger Burger

Ponsonby, Newmarket & Takapuna

Burger Burger pioneered the whole bunless-burger thing in Auckland—and we’re glad they did! All their glorious burgers can be served in a brioche bun or bunnuce. The bunnuce option features cos lettuce expertly wrapped to encompass your fillings. If you’re well and truly on the health bandwagon, swap ya standard side of fries for their signature charred broccoli with garlic butter and almonds.

Fokker Bros

Wynyard Quarter

Cuttin’ carbs is easy peasy at Fokker Bros. Their unburgers substitute the bun for crispy iceberg lettuce. As for the burger filling, we can’t go past their tempura soft shell crab burger with tomato, picked ginger and wasabi tartar. And, because you’re saving calories by not eating a bun, you can totally justify ordering their daily loaded fries special.

Better Burger

Vulcan Lane & Britomart

While we absolutely adore Better Burger’s pillowy buns, sometimes you gotta cut carbs where you can. All their burger creations (hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger or vege special with Portobello mushies) can be made with a lettuce ‘bun’. Their perfectly crispy hand-cut fries are not to be missed—no matter what diet you’re on. Order ‘em as a side.

Corner Burger

Mt Eden & Epsom

Also coming to the lettuce bun party is Corner Burger. At their Epsom location, you can opt to have your burger in cos lettuce or a gluten-free bun. Their Mt Eden site takes things even further with the option of a naked burger bowl. As far as we’re concerned, if you order their ‘cheat meal’ burger as a naked bowl, you’ve got yourself a balanced meal.

Food Truck Garage

City Works Depot, Wynyard Quarter & Ponsonby

You’ll also stumble upon a burger bowl at Food Truck Garage. Choose between beefroot (Angus beef with a beetroot boost), chicken crunch (buckwheat-crumbed chicken tenderloin) or vegetarian-friendly pakoras. This is then served in two cos lettuce wraps that are perfectly constructed to eat with your hands. Wash down with a glass of Organic Mechanic kombucha. Go you healthy thang, you.

Little Bird Unbakery


There are no excess carbs in sight with Little Bird Unbakery’s kimchi burger. At the much-loved Ponsonby health hub you’ll find a lettuce-wrapped burger starring a kimchi and chickpea patty, tomato, avo, sweet chili, vegan-friendly ‘cheddar’ and aioli. The accompanying chips are low-carb too—they’re made from baked kale! Potatoes can take a hike.

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Image credit: Lauren Matilda-Matthews at Little Bird Unbakery

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