Get Slurping At One Of Auckland’s 11 Best Noodle Joints

By Urban List Writers
13th Sep 2019

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Oh the humble noodle, how we love you. Whether you need a nice comforting bowl of slurpy noodles, or a deliciously easy cheap eat, then look no further than the ever popular noodle. It doesn’t matter if it’s flat, round, wide, short, or long, they hit the spot no matter what.

Here’s our top picks of where to find the tastiest noodles in Auckland.

Wok N Noodle 

Mt Eden, CBD

It’s a big move to call yourself Auckland’s best Asian Restaurant, but when the food tastes as good as it does at Wok n Noodle, then we’re all for it. These guys know their way around a Pad See U, so make sure you give it a go when you visit – it’s the perfect balance of sweet, salty, fresh, and crunchy – everything you could ask for in a bowl of noodles. If you’re a seafood fanatic then check out their Sukiyaki—udon noodles in a sweet and spicy sauce with egg, coriander, Chinese cabbage and juicy seafood.

Eden Noodles

Mt Eden

A must-visit on any self-proclaimed noodle fan’s list, Eden Noodles has well and truly earned its place in the Auckland noodle hall of fame. Made famous for their spicy dan dan noodles with crispy pork mince, the rest of this Dominion Road classic’s menu is equally as drool-worthy. They hand make their noodles too, with the dry Sichuan noodles in special sauce being another star on the menu—the chilli oil sauce and pickled cabbage add an extra kick which takes the dish to a whole other level. If you’ve still got room, don’t forget to round out the meal with some dumplings in spicy sauce.

Oodles Of Noodels! Auckland's Best Noodles

Shaolin Kung Fu Noodles

Dominion Road, Queen Street and Albany 

Don’t be put off by this noodle bar’s extensive menu, order anything off the menu and you’ll taste the attention to detail put into every dish at Shaolin Kung Fu Noodles. Starting with their hand pulled noodles, the noodle masters then add your choice of lamb, beef, chicken, egg, or veggies, along with the right amount of spice, resulting in a perfectly balanced meal for every tastebud. We recommend the fried Xinjing lamb noodles for something mild, and the hot and spicy beef noodles for those a little more adventurous. 

Viet Kitchen

Mt Eden 

The folks at Viet Kitchen know how to pack a whole lot of flavour into every dish that leaves their kitchen.  From fresh seafood and lemongrass chicken, to spicy beef and chargilled pork, Viet have your flavourful protein needs covered. What’s more, every dish here is a chance to brush up on your Vietnamese cuisine knowledge, with traditional ingredients such as lemongrass, shrimp paste, bean sprouts, and tamarind gracing the menu.

Xi’An Food Bar

Balmoral, Anzac Avenue, Rosedale, Northcote, Mt. Albert and Panmure

With six restaurants under their belt, the team behind Xi’An Food Bar know how to create a good noodle. All you need to remember about this place is the number 37—it’s the staple dish at Xi’An and a fan favourite. They take their hand-pulled noodles and top them with tender pulled pork and chilli sauce—even better, the noodles are so long they never seem to end. While you’re there we recommend trying out their dry noodles, dubbed “Chinese pasta” for a different experience to your usual noodle bowl.

Tang Du Style

Mt. Roskill

Another Dominion Road classic, Tang Du Style is a hidden gem specializing in Northern Chinese cuisine. For something a little different, try out their cold clear noodles with hot peanut sauce—they’re some of the chewiest, most flavourful noodles in town, and the tender pork slices add a crazy amount of flavour. Trust us when we say that their peanut sauce is something you won’t forget—it’s what sets Tang Du Style apart, and we’re not complaining.

Oodles Of Noodles! Where To Find Auckland's Best Noodles



Bringing the flavours of Northern Thai Cuisine to Auckland, Saan is an adventure for your tastebuds. They may not have a lot of noodle dishes to choose from, but what they do have is pretty dang good. We recommend trying their noodles with tiger prawn cutlets—the egg noodles are thick and chewy, and topped with juicy marinated prawns, bamboo shoots, fresh bok choy, and thai basil. Pair it with one of their Thai inspired cocktails—the Tom Yum Martini is crazy good—and you’re set for the night.

Bunga Raya Restaurant

New Lynn

When you need to satisfy those vermicelli noodle cravings, look no further than Bunga Thai Restaurant. This authentic Malaysian restaurant knows how to work those thin noodles like no other. If you’re looking for a classic, safe option, then give their Mie Goreng a go—you’ll never think of the packet ones the same again. But, if you want to be a bit more adventurous then try their special Wan Dan Hor dish—it’s packed with different flavours and textures for a truly Malaysian experience. Think soft and chewy rice noodles, with egg gravy, crispy deep-fried vermicelli noodles and crunchy fresh veggies.


Food Truck

If you’ve ever wondered what Filipino cuisine tastes like, then look no further than the roving food truck Hapunan. We can’t go past their Beef Pares dish, so trust us when we say you’re gonna want to give this one a go. They pair tender 18-hour braised beef with chewy egg noodles, which are marinated in a thick soy gravy sauce and topped with crispy fried garlic. While you’ve caught them grab a round of Prawn Siomai—the chefs wrap prawns, bamboo shoots and vegetables in a light pastry before steaming and serving with chilli and garlic.

Udon Works

Mt Eden, Balmoral, Auckland City

You know the udon’s going to be good when it’s in their name, and Udon Works lives up to expectations. Here, they take udon to another level, almost like a science, with the chefs specially designing their creations to suit New Zealand’s climate. We recommend going for one of their tempura udon bowls—the tempura prawn can’t be beat, and they even offer a vegan option with light as a cloud tofu. Even better, the portion sizes are huge and you can add on sides to make it a full meal.

Yong's Hand Pulled Noodles 

Northcote, Auckland City

Sometimes you just want a cheap, simple, greasy full-of-flavour bowl of noodles. When this craving hits, look no further than Yong’s Hand Pulled Noodles. For the full noodle experience, we recommend choosing from one of their combination meals—you get a bowl of noodles, a tea boiled egg, a cold dish, and a drink of your choice. You won’t be disappointed with the Lanzhou hand pulled noodles topped with beef mince and soybean paste—the dish is filled with finely ground beef packed with salty flavour, and the noodles are coated in sauce and mixed with crunchy peanuts.

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Image credit: Engin Akyurt, Kellie Blizard at Shaolin Kung Fu Noodle, Natasha van der Laan 

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