Auckland’s Best Potato Dishes (That Aren’t Fries)

By Olivia Atkinson
10th Aug 2016

Auckland’s Best Potato Dishes (That Aren’t Fries)

Ah, the humble potato. What a special place they have in our hearts. Not only are they responsible for bringing us vodka and fries (life’s essentials) on a regular basis, potatoes have a versatility that continues to both baffle and amaze. 

You can fry them, mash them, pop them on a pizza, eat them for breakfast…potatoes really are the king of the starchy vegetable world. We’ve found Auckland’s best fries, loaded fries and potato skins and, now we’re introducing 20 more potato dishes you need in your life. Carb up!  

  1. Beer and potatoes are basically best friends. Order a serving of smoked jacket potato with bacon-ed sour cream and a beer paddle at Hallertau, it's a match made in carb heaven.
  2. Dive into a big bowl of meatballs and ‘tato mash at Bedford Soda & Liquor. Or, tuck into their cheesy tater tots. Washed down with a cocktail, of course. 
  3. There’s something comforting about Indian potato dishes. Oh Calcutta’s aloo matter combines potato, peas and a delish gravy in the most delightful way. 
  4. The French were on to a very, very good thing when they created tartiflette. It’s a heavenly union between potatoes, cheese, lardons and onions. Find it at Le Garde Manger
  5. The Fed’s salmon laktes are oh-so moreish. They feature crispy potato with lox, crème fraiche and dill, and will get you hooked at first bite. 
  6. Carbs on carbs? Yes, and yes. Il Buco’s potato and rosemary pizza is a slice of heaven. 
  7. Just when you thought potato fritters hailed only from your local fish’n’chippery, Ken Yakitori came along. Their sticky potato fritter dish is what #cheatday dreams are made of. 
  8. Enjoy our native sweet potato in a dessert. Artwok serve caramelised kumara alongside roasted walnuts, Chinese candy floss and green tea ice cream. 
  9. Our addiction for Burger Burger’s potato skins and truffle aioli has no expiry date. Hand them over and no one gets hurt. 
  10. Settle down by the fire for a glass of vino and multiple servings of potato, basil and cheese croquettes at Dida’s
  11. Or, soak up the sun in Non Solo Pizza’s courtyard with salami and mozz croquettes and their Fiocco pizza—ham, cream and potato. 
  12. Potatoes are better with tomato salsa and aioli. Mezze Bar’s patatas bravas has the ratios down to a fine art. 
  13. Errybody loves potato salad and Orleans makes one of the best in town. It’s made with potato, Andouille sausage, apple, celery and crispy shallots, and it is goood. 
  14. Sink your teeth into El Humero’s empanadas, deep-fried pockets stuffed with pulled beef and the humble potato. Yu-m. 
  15. Fatima’s potato koftas are bite-sized morsels of happiness. Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and a dream with the sweet chilli aioli. 
  16. Let Miss Moonshine’s lull you into a happy food coma via low ‘n’ slow meat and mash ‘n’ gravy. 
  17. Eggs bene is infinitely better when potato is involved. Fact-Tree Café’s home-made hash browns have developed quite the fan club. Go and see why. 
  18. Pasta & Cuore are pros at the potato-dumpling hybrid known as gnocchi. The free-range chicken and porcini version is a winner. 
  19. Start your day the right way…with a truffled potato galette. Café on Kohi serves this with garden greens, a poached eggie and your choice of smoked trevally, bacon and mushrooms. 
  20. Satya’s pani puri will rock your taste buds. They take crispy wheat shells and fill them with potatoes, chickpeas and tangy tamarind for a full on flavour pop. 

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Image credit: Bedford Soda & Liquor 

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