Auckland’s Best Turmeric Everything

By Natasha Van Der Laan
31st Aug 2016

Auckland’s Best Turmeric Everything

Turmeric is having a moment in Auckland. This golden spice has been used as a medicine in Chinese and Indian culture since waaay back when. It’s praised for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to treat everything from arthritis to Alzheimer’s—what a superstar super spice!

Health benefits aside, it also tastes damn delicious when used as the key ingredient in a latte—who would have thought?! But it’s not just turmeric lattes that are popping up all over Auckland, we’ve also got bliss balls, smoothies and even cheesecake. Here are six places in Auckland dishing up turmeric everything.

Little Bird Organics

Ponsonby, Kingsland & Britomart

If you like your turmeric in liquid-form, look no further than Little Bird Organics. Their detox green smoothie features the golden spice and they offer a turmeric latte (FYI they also do a matcha latte). However, our fave turmeric bevvy has to be their sunrise cold-pressed juice. The bright orange drink is packed with the goodness of carrots, tangelo, lemon, goji and—of course—turmeric! 

TRUE food & yoga


TRUE food & yoga is well and truly on the turmeric train. They do turmeric lattes as well as a buckwheat risotto starring turmeric root, mushroom, lemon and a dash of chilli. Stick around for dessert because you can’t say no to their raw mango and turmeric cheesecake. Eating healthy has never tasted better!


City Works Depot

If life has got you feeling run-down, turn to the friendly folk at Well+Good and their revitalising cold-pressed juices. They have a vibrant orange juice that’s packed with carrot, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, ginger, lemon and our faithful turmeric. You can grab one from their City Works Depot flagship store or The Raw Kitchen.

Greenleaf Organics    


The friendly folk at Greenleaf Organics take turmeric seriously. Their yoga latte showcases the yellow stuff and their enlighten detox tea has a blend of apricot, carrot and turmeric. The Kingsland café also whips up bliss balls made from a spicy concoction of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, dates, coconut, honey and turmeric. What’s more, their scrambled tofu brekkie dish also features the spice.



Kingland’s much-loved health hub Mondays is all about the turmeric latte. Featuring a blend of immune-boosting spices, the vegan-friendly latte is served with your choice of coconut or cashew milk. They have a strong drink game with matcha lattes and herbal caffeine-free lattes also starring on the menu.

Sip Kitchen 


Last and in no ways least, Sip Kitchen also know a thing or two about turmeric. They whip up a comforting turmeric latte as well as a cold-pressed turmeric juice called the turmerific (hehe). If you play your cards right, you might be lucky enough to visit when they’ve got their delish turmeric and ginger slice on offer. It ticks all the health boxes being raw, vegan-friendly and refined-sugar free. 

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Image credit: Little Bird Organics

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