Auckland’s Getting A Doughnut Cafe For Dogs

By Clare Acheson
1st Apr 2016

doughnut cafe for dogs

Auckland, there’s nothing you love more than doughnuts, and when it comes to people’s best friend, we know you’ve got a soft spot for a pooch or two. So it comes as no surprise that the latest new opening to be announced in Auckland’s dog-loving neighbourhood of Ponsonby is Dough-Dogs, a brand new doggie doughnut café bar that serves up sweet and savoury treats with a hole for four-legged foodies.

Having consulted with a yet-to-be-named Auckland doughnut-making fave (our money is on either Little & Friday or Al’s Deli…the couple behind Dough-Dogs came up with the concept after watching their own pets—an energetic blue heeler called Toga and a cute dorgi (a dalmatian-corgi cross) called Pingu—drool over their teatime snacks. While sugar-laced, candy-topped doughnuts are fine for adults every once in a while, they’re definitely not okay for canine companions, hence the low-sugar dog treats were born.

So, what will your pooch be chomping down on? Think beef and cacao doughnuts, chicken parma and caramel doughnuts, party-pie and berry coulis doughnuts, and even cranberry, sunflower seed and elderflower syrup doughnuts for those vegan pets. “We just loved the idea of being able to share our weekend doughnut time with these two additional members of our family,” the owners said. “And we imagine other dog owners in Auckland can’t wait. Plus, everything is human-friendly too, so you can share a tasty snack with your pet if you wish.” Caramel parma flavour? Er, no thanks…

Plans for Dough-Dogs to serve doggy-cinos are also in the works (although they’ll be lactose free, duhhhh), with hopes for a full line of novelty treats including dog Pop Tarts, Golden Gaytimes and marshmallow jaffles. As for the final frontier in dog treats? The Dough-Dogs team are currently looking for a mixologist to give them a hand with a dog-friendly espresso martini, served in a bespoke martini-shaped bowl!

With plans to open in Winter 2016, Dough-Dogs is set to be a barking success. Would you split a doughnut with your dachshund?!

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