Auckland’s Most Grammed Foods & What They Really Say

By Rachel Pool
19th Mar 2016

Without a doubt Instagram has had a big impact on the Auckland food scene. Businesses thrive off those geo-tags that spread the word about their most lusted after items. Dishes gather cult followings (Giapo, we’re looking at you) and it’s arguably, at least in part, due to the fact that they’re more photogenic than Jeremy Meeks in his mug shot. There are some serious repeat offenders and we’ve rounded up our list of Auckland’s top 10 grammed food and drinks what they actually say behind all of the smoke, mirrors and VSCO filters. 

Disclaimer: We at The Urban List have grammed almost every single one of these foods and will continue to follow this #foodporn trajectory whilst taking the piss out of ourselves. All in the quest for that perfect gram, right?

Donuts at Little & Friday 

Oh, cheat day is it?! If it’s a picture of drool-worthy cabinet food, you definitely did not eat that. Seriously, judging by the next gram in your feed… the one in your bikini, dipping your toes into a waterfall, you’re not kidding anyone. Going into Little & Friday to merely take a gram and ordering a trim mocha doesn’t make you the King of Cheat Meals nor a true live, laugh, loler. Move along. Unless of course you ate it. In which case you win.  

The Nest at L’oeuf 

Crumbed eggs and beetroot ketchup…how fancay. I either got up uber early to nab a coveted table, or I waited outside L’oeuf sipping on a coconut, soy latte or equally hipster beverage, evil eyeing everyone up ‘til I could get a table with perfect lighting for my gram. That’s half of Saturday gone after making the trek out to Mt Albert and circling the suburban streets trying to find a park. Thank god it tastes as good as it looks.  

Everything at Burger Burger

Thanks to the strategically placed branded wrapping paper you know these bad boys came from Burger Burger. As you can see from the angle, the bunnace at the front is mine while my greedy carb-loving friends have the real burgers at the back. I’m also upping my veggie intake with kumara fries, potato skins and a $12 dish of broccoli with a generous knob of butter and some garlic. Can you see that milkshake in the corner? Yeah, it’s made with three scoops of ice cream and chocolate sauce, which makes this dripping bunnace totally worth it. 

Sushi at & Sushi

Look at all my pretty multi-coloured morsels. I may or may not have spent a small fortune to make sure I had the whole rainbow covered. Oh, and can you see those little squeezy bottles of sauce in my paper rolls?! Ca-ute. I’m eating the rainbow and probably doing so in the weekday while shopping and pretending to be a (very clean eating) uni student before I go and blow my course related costs on activated almonds at Wise Cicada. 

Raw Cake at Little Bird Unbakery & The Raw Kitchen

Put down the fork and step away from the cake—a trip to Little Bird Unbakery or The Raw Kitchen is in order. Food should not be consumed if heated above current room temperatures. It’s also preferable that it contains as much coconut and obscure superfoods from equally obscure countries as possible. It’s healthy so it totes doesn’t count on the calories front. Thank goodness for that, or I might just have a coconut cream-induced heart attack. 

Cocktails at Bedford Soda & Liquor

I posted this midweek Bedford Soda & Liquor so you’d all think I’m wild and free from the shackles of adulting. In reality this was last Friday after I managed to escape my persistent manager. I headed here while I patiently waited in a 90-minute queue for a table at The Blue Breeze Inn/Burger Burger. Edible flowers make this drink so 2016, despite the soaring level of the white granulated devil.  

Ice cream cones at Giapo 

Again, this queue was certainly worth the wait. If not just for the amazing and inventive flavours, but for the perfect gram I got as a result. Of course, I went for the deluxe cone which broke the eating out budget for the week but it definitely makes for a more impressive square frame. And yes, that green leafy background is the essential background of choice for all Giapo grammers Auckland wide. 

Freakshakes at Cereal Killa 

The cardiac arresting result is all worth it guys because hell, I have waffles IN my milkshake. This Cereal Killa creation is also covered in sprinkles and makes me feel a bit like Homer Simpson or some equally fellow glut. If I’m gonna have cheat day, I’m gonna go all out. Must be seen to be believed…I just wish I could have actually finished it.

Bagels at Best Ugly 

Curing the Auckland population of iffy gluten intolerances for several years now, BUBs is the bready meal we just can’t go past. See, my gram of the killer combo of avo, tomato and basil just perfectly balanced out the peanut butter and jelly sweetie I devoured afterwards. Yeah, the photo makes it look like I had a bagel companion but really this was a 3pm heaven-sent pick-me-up all for myself. One is never enough. 

Poutine at The Fed

Carbs are your friend. So are meat-based gravy products and squeaky cheese curds. After reading The Urban List’s list of the best poutines in Auckland I can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. This is the hangover cure of champions and yes, I’m going to spam gram you all with a picture of The Fed’s in all its glory…just so you can see that my hangover cure beats you sipping a Mizone on your couch any day. 

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Image credit: Hamish Melville 

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