Auckland’s Prettiest Dishes

By Natasha Van Der Laan
14th Apr 2016

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When it comes to Auckland’s food scene, the dishes are not only delicious but also very pretty. If you plan and on wining and dining us anytime soon, you should be aware of our number one rule: no food is to be eaten unless it’s photographed first. Yup, we’re THOSE people—and turns out you are too!

We love trawling through our Instagram feed and can’t get enough of your beeeautiful shots! Here are the prettiest dishes (and drinks!) we’ve stumbled upon in our newsfeed.

Sushi from &Sushi

When it comes to sushi, gone are the days of boring ol’ white rice and grey tuna. The creative geniuses at &Sushi have given sushi a colourful makeover. Our Insta is blowing up with purple rice, orange caviar, baby greens and—of course—edible flowers! 


Tofu and haloumi toasted sandwich from Mary’s

Proving that avocado really IS the best thing ever is Mary’s in Freemans Bay. Their tofu and haloumi toasted sandwich is stacked high with tomato, watercress, pickle, aioli and the prettiest avo creation you ever did see. How do they even do that?!


Killashakes from Cereal Killa 

Yeah, so it’s not *technically* a dish but what chu gonna do about it? And, in all honesty, Cereal Killa’s Instagramable killashakes are a meal within themselves. These bad boys are packed with Nutella, Oreos, Maltesers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, popcorn and, in some cases, waffles! The freaky, oozing mess is pretty in its own way.


Eggs benedict from Geeks On Sainsbury

A special shout-out must be made for Geeks On Sainsbury’s Pokeno bacon eggs benny. The dish features all the things: beetroot puree, layered potato, sautéed spinach, a perfectly poached egg and the all-important hollandaise sauce. It also stars a pretty little flower for good measure. We’d double tap that! 


A photo posted by Boni & Kelly W. (@twohonesttruths) on


Chocolate crepe from Odettes Eatery

We thought we knew crepes until Odettes came along and shook things up. Their chocolate crepe is—quite literally—heaven on a plate! I mean, just look at Insty prettiness! It’s served with spiced cherries, toasted pistachios crème fraiche and a big dollop of plum ice cream. Ice cream for breakfast? Don’t mind if we do! 


The Nest from L’Oeuf

L’Oeuf signature dish ‘the nest’ is forever showing up on our newsfeed—and for good reason, too. Sitting pretty on a bed of mesclun salad, the dish boasts a filo pastry ‘nest’ embracing two soft-boiled eggs crumbed with sunflower seeds. The dish is a triple threat: pretty, healthy AND tasty.


Hawaiian time from Bedford Soda & Liquor 

Let’s just brush over the fact that this is more of a cocktail than a dish. Bedford Soda & Liquor’s prettiest—and most Insta-famous—cocktail has got to be their Hawaiian time number. Y’know the one we’re talking one—the big blue balls (hehe) filled with Bacardi, pineapple, lime, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry.


A photo posted by Elsa Ding (@elsa_aelsa) on


Everything and anything from Mondays Eaterys 

Narrowing down Mondays Eaterys prettiest dish is no easy feat. Is it their granola-filled papaya boat or is it their fruity almond oatmeal? And what about their oh-so pretty Buddha bowl and their buckwheat waffles?! Alas, we give up! We suggest you pay them a visit and decide for yourself.


A photo posted by Sio. (@sioandco) on


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Image credit: Eat Central via Instagram

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