Become A Morning Person With These 10 Easy Hacks

By Tennille Ziegler
5th Sep 2016

Become A Morning Person With These 10 Easy Hacks

It happens all too often, even to the best of us: the alarm goes off and we press at the snooze button again…and again…and again… and we give up our precious morning time where we try pull ourselves together, for sleep.

So, how do you try dress yourself for that morning meeting where you’re meant to be giving a presentation, and, uh, you’re wearing yesterday’s outfit or a shirt that has definitely not been ironed?

Well let us tell you, with 10 hacks to help you get ready SUPER FAST in the morning.

#1 10-minute Hair

We know it feels nice to spend 30-minutes (plus) on a blow-wave, but it’s also impossible when you’re pushed for time. Try to squeeze your hair styling session into 10 minutes: we recommend towel drying, a quick blow-dry to make sure it’s not dripping, tie it up into a slick back bun or low ponytail, and spray down the fly-aways. Ta-da!  

#2 Wardrobe Preparation

Preparing outfits can be a menial task, especially when you’ve only got 5 minutes to spare! Instead, make it a fun Sunday evening activity and organise your wardrobe into outfits that you’re going to wear each day to work. That’s only five outfits that you need out of...how many clothes do you have…? It’s much easier to choose an outfit when you’ve got plenty of time, and in a good mood. Looking great = feeling great.

#3 Have A Go-To Outfit

If you read said point above and you don’t think it’s going to happen for you (hey, we get it—these are only guidelines afterall), then we’ve got you covered. Having a go-to outfit that you know you look AND feel great in is key. Think about the time you went to work and got a gazillion compliments about what you were wearing. Yes that’s the one!

#4 Always Have Red Lippy

Red lipstick is key, if you’re feeling crappy and didn’t do the full makeup routine this morning, never fear as red lippy will is here. Always have one lying around, whether it’s in the car, handbag or desk drawer, it’ll be a sharp turnaround to improving your image.

#5 Pack An Emergency Make-Up Kit

Ok we know you don’t want to be THAT person, yes the one who does their make-up on the way to work. But sometimes, duty calls. Have an emergency make-up kit at the ready so you can run out the door, and unfortunately you will have to be that person applying your mascara in your hand-held mirror.

#6 Blast Some Good Tunes

How does this help you get ready faster? Well, just think about it: what happens when you listen to a motivating song at the gym? You don’t lie down and do nothing do you? (We’d like to think not). You get your arse moving, and the same thing applies when getting ready. Crank your favourite tune to get the blood pumping and you’ll be flying around the house like nobody’s business.

#7 Take Your Breakfast To Work

People won’t mind if you have your muesli or toast at your desk every once in a while, heck some people do it every day! What they will mind is if you forget to brush your teeth or hair. Leave the getting ready at home (or en route) and grab some toast or muesli to throw together once you’ve arrived. The boss can’t complain if you’re not technically late.

#8 Write A Mental Checklist

There’s nothing more annoying than being late, then having to turn around because you forgot something, making you even more late. Before you head out the door make a mental checklist of what you need to bring with you: keys, perfume, make-up, food, phone, wallet. Check.

#9 Make Dry Shampoo Your Best Friend

Indeed you shall, especially on a morning that you simply can’t wash your hair. We’d like to think every female has a bottle of dry shampoo stored in their beauty closet and now is the time to use it. Turn that dirty hair into ‘beach waves’ for the day.

#10 Hang Your Wrinkled Clothes In The Bathroom

Obviously you won’t have time to iron on a late morning. One handy hack is hanging your crinkled clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The showering part is key. The steam from the shower will naturally de-wrinkle your clothes…you can thank us later! 

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