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Stay Sharp With 5 Of The Best Brain Training Apps

By The Urban List Sydney
2nd Nov 2020

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If turning your mind into a tool sharper than a two-edged sword is hot on your priority list then listen up people. There are some super great training apps out in the world that’ll fire up your neurons and get those cognitive wheels turning.

As for which ones are the best of the best to get your brain juices flowing—we’ve searched the high and low for the best brain training apps that pack some serious punch.

Here are the best brain training apps.


There’s a reason why Elevate is an award-winning app and the most notable reason is that you’ll score daily training targeted towards your lil’ noggin spanning the likes of reading tasks, writing puzzles, speaking challenges and even some good old maths questions. There are actually around 35 different games all up and as you play, the app adjusts to your skills and you’ll get to measure your performance up with others (competitive much)?


If you haven’t heard of Lumosity, you’ve been living under a real big rock. This app is your magic tool to help you improve your memory, increase focus and overall, to just feel sharper than a chef’s kitchen knife. The platform tailors a tonne of interactive games especially to you based off some starting questions around your age and what you’re keen to work on. You’ll basically get served a fresh set of games daily to keep you challenged, actionable feedback and some pretty dang groovy insights into your brainpower (and that’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it).


If you love your brain training as much as your strength training then this is the app for you. With Peak, a little goes a long, long way and games are designed to push you hard with short, intense workouts designed around your life. You can pick the skills you want to work on which matter to you most which test your focus, memory, problem-solving and mental agility too.


When you download Impulse, you’ll be firing up your neurons and forging your way into an actual brain training calendar better than any nutrition plan you’ve ever been on. The beauty of this app is that along with the usual game trimmings like memory, attention, concentration, mental maths and problem-solving, you’ll also get to exercise your wits with challenges around creativity. This one’s perfect especially if you want a little boost in the way you recall events, forget people’s names and even struggle to stay focused at work.


On the other side of the spectrum, NeuroNation is a science-backed brain training app all about prevention and rehabilitation when it comes to developing dementia as well as stress and burnout too. You’ll only need to commit 15-minutes each day to this guy to get those brain juices flowing in areas like memory, attention, speed (our favourite) and reasoning. You’ll also get a to charge on through a competitive point score system, keep track of your progress and work your way through more than 250 levels.

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