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Stand Out From The Pack With 7 Of The Best Job-Landing CV Templates

By Rick Stephens
4th Aug 2020

A person at a desk designing their resume on a laptop. Hazy, dark blue hues reflect through the window onto the table.

Resume, résumé, curriculum vitae? The thing plays an essential role in getting noticed when hunting down your next gig, and with that in mind, you need it to stand out. Think of it like peacocking—a technique made famous by Parks and Recreation's Tom Haverford and that film 17 Again with Zac Efron—but for your CV and less creepy. 

Nowadays, you don’t have to be some sort of creative prodigy to get eyeballs across your resume. In fact, all you really need is the internet to access a stack of free templates which’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to aesthetics. Get started with eight of the best below—and don’t forget to fill in the blanks.


This one’s for the mavericks who downloaded Photoshop with no prior knowledge and just assumed they’d be able to bang out a killer design. Not so easy, right? Canva cuts out the four years of design school and lets you jump straight in with templates suited to all sorts of industries and jobs. This is a popular resource, so don’t be afraid to mess with around with fonts and colours to make it your own—or, start from scratch with their drag-and-drop CV builder.

Similar to Canva, has a super user-friendly interface that’ll get you that much closer to the hot seat. The template designs found here are more restrained, making them better suited to the corporate climbers. Spend the time you save on the design by fine-tuning your resume’s content— has some great resources on that, just as we do, which you can find right here.


Turns out the undisputed powerhouse of job classifieds are pretty keen to bridge that gap between you and your potential employer with some serious reinforcements. Seek has a host of free resources to help you land that job, like this drive-away, ready to go Word template. This no-frills design is a great place to start for those who feel at home with the comfortabilities of the plain-text program we’ve all grown up with, and those who’d rather not mess around with designing their own on a resume builder.

Creative Bloq

If you persisted through the bell-curve of basic Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign tutorials, it may be worth looking into premade templates you can edit on those programs. The legends over at Creative Bloq have crowdsourced a handful of the best templates that more or less require you to simply fill in the text, so you’ll just need to know the basics. There are also a few editable PDFs in this one.


Behance is best described as a social media platform where creatives can share their work, but there are plenty of benefits for those in other industries if you know where to look. Here, you’ll find creators from around the globe uploading all sorts of work, including some banging resume templates that the HR manager you’re addressing likely won’t have ever seen before. 

You’ll find a plethora of file types here, so some basic technical knowledge will put you ahead when using templates from Behance.

Resume Nerd

Punch in your details and Resume Nerd will spit out a CV. Simple. 

Okay, there’s a bit more to it than that, like guided, semi-written content to help you put your best foot forward, but this one’s made to cut out the fuss of faffing around with tedious design tools so that you can send that CV off stat. It’s also been created by people who work in HR, so you’re essentially getting insider info here.

Resume Coach

They may not be the most progressive templates, but depending on the role you’re going for, something on the straight and narrow may be what you need. Resume Coach has literally hundreds of clean, professional templates that will show off your best side (and your professional skill-set). Take a dig around and you’ll find some beaut cover letter templates, too.

Need a hand with the ins and outs of writing a resume? Check out our guide here.

Image credit: Hannah Wei | Unsplash

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