Bring On The Clout With 5 Of The Best Political TikToks Worth Following

By Jessica Best
8th Jul 2020

There’s a lot of political clout on TikTok and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t here for it.

From political humour to reminders about climate rallies, cancel culture and social justice protests — the accounts and videos you could consume are truly endless. To save you some time so you can cut right to the chase, we’ve found the best political TikToks you need to follow.

These are the best political TikTok accounts worth your time.


This account is a rainbow vault of newsworthy energy with a good dose of pop culture. Run by James Nordern topics span elections, news corporations and many a social justice issue, you’ll feel pretty damn on top of all the hot topics on people’s minds.


From raising LGBQTI+ issues and everything that’s happening in the UK right now, this account is ruled by an absolute political stan. You can expect comedic takes on Boris Johnson, constant reminders to stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement and representation on screen.


This Aussie comedic favourite, is far from his initial Facebook and YouTube days. Although his videos span a heap of categories, his absolute talent and wit delves into some brilliantly iconic political skits on countries, society, Millennials and uh, Christopher Columbus (obviously).


If you’re keen to get schooled on the climate crisis (TikTok-style) then you can hit the ground running with “Youth4climatejustice”. This TikTok account is jampacked with heaps of meme-worthy videos based on on the UN Climate Summit, Scott Morrison, social service funding, Adani and everything else worth knowing about.


Cancel culture, the political compass, economic theory — yes, these are the videos you’ll be soaking up on this account. They’re thought-provoking and will give you a global outlook on what’s happening in America so yes, you’ll beat your mates to the punch when it comes to throwing down some serious political clout. 

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Image credit: Joan Villalon

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