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Blackout Tattoos Are A Thing And You Should Be Very Afraid

By Natasha Van Der Laan
5th Apr 2016

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“What on earth is a blackout tattoo?” we hear you ask. Well, it basically involves covering your body in solid. black. ink—yikes! It’s not for those with commitment issues and/or a low pain threshold. The procedure requires hours upon hours under the needle and, once you go black, there’s certainly no going back.

Tattoo artist Chester Lee of Singapore’s Oracle Tattoo has been specialising in the method for about five years. He recently posted this pic of his work.


A photo posted by C H E S T E R (@oddtattooer) on


The image blew up online, prompting Chester to share more cray cray images.



A photo posted by C H E S T E R (@oddtattooer) on


Often blackout tattoos are used to cover up pre-existing tattoos.



A photo posted by A Santaloci (@alextattoosnc) on


Want to cover up some tattoos but highlight your fave piece? Cue blackout ink!



A photo posted by Billy Bones (@billy___bones) on


While we have mad respect for the tattooists and tattooed alike, the idea of getting our own blackout tatt makes us feel very, very squeamish.



A photo posted by C H E S T E R (@oddtattooer) on


Black IS the new black. Will you be get getting amongst?



Call us whimps but we'll stick to our discreet foot tattoos for now.

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