Let The Good Vibes Roll With Boo Seeka’s Personalised Playlist Just For You

By Morgan Reardon
25th Aug 2020

Boo Seeka, dressed in black, stand in front of a grey wall, looking off camera.

With grim lockdown and border restriction news dropping on the daily, sometimes you just need to turn the telly off and plug into a good playlist. 

It’s amazing what a solid dance sesh around your lounge room can do for your soul, which is why our mates Boo Seeka decided to create a collection of absolute bangers for Urban List readers to take your day from a two to a 10.

The playlist was inspired by their new tune Days Get Better which Ben Gumbleton penned in just 15 minutes—what a wizard.

“We were staying right on the Burleigh Point [on the Gold Coast] looking over our balcony, having a few drinks with our QLD crew when Boo jumped up out of nowhere and ran to his room,” explains one half of Boo Seeka Michael May. “It sounds cliché but 15 minutes later he had written the three main hooks, sent them to our demo guy, Will, who spat us back a demo version within the hour. The biggest telling point was everyone in our place was singing the tunes, subconsciously, for a few days—that's when you know you're onto something.”

“The song stemmed from emotions that Boo was feeling at the time but due to where we were, who we were with and the life we were living at the time, we could see the 'better days'. The world is hurting! No matter how you look at it, things that would normally be your 'happy place' or 'getaway' from the issues in your life are now dried up. We get it. We're in it too, so we wanted to bring some power in music to people's ears and help them feel a touch better!”
“We love the tracks on this playlist and hope you do too!”
Check out the full playlist—and the reasons behind the music—below.

Tangerine—Glass Animals

Opening synth line takes you to another planet then bang! The bassline sends us crashing back. Smiles all-round from our end.

Disco Man—Remi Wolf

One of our favourite muso mates, Ian Perez, actually played us this track after laying down some bass for Remi and we instantly fell in love. Try not bobbing your head or sliding across the floorboards when you hear this one.

Alone. Together.—Golding

We've had a little bit to do with this song and its creators—we're obsessed. Smooth, sexy, dark yet uplifting and cool. We've been dancing like we don't GAF ever since.

Shine a Light (Flight Facilities Remix)—C90's

A feel good track getting our vibes high. Again, a smooth feel with those feelings of a summer getaway or a kiss with the babe you've been chasing all year. Got get em'.

One More Time—Daft Punk

Enough said. A “days get better” classic.

Psychic City (Classixx Remix)—Yacht

Between the 60's groove percussion to the iconic bassline hitting all within the intro of the song, this song gets your days feeling fine! The lyrics are fire too—"Hang around baby, we'll be baking a cake for you!"

Eiffel 65 (Remix)—Flume

A classic, remixed into a classic. I just painted my house blue because of this song. Not a sad blue, a happy sunshine blue.

Busy Earnin—Jungle

We saw these guys live at the Enmore a few years back and have been fans ever since. The falsetto vocals turned over that thick bass line is wild. A true dance vibe.

I Won’t Back Down—Tom Petty

As former boogie boarders/lazy lay-down legends/boogers, we were first introduced to this absolute classic from the Tension movies. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching any of these, google it. Chugging guitars plus Petty blasting those vocals was it for us.

Watermelon Sugar—Harry Styles

Boo will hate me throwing this one in but who can have a bad day whilst Harry is playing? NO ONE... and that moustache he's rocking is fire.

Want some sweet tunes to get you through your work day? Check out these banging playlists.

Image Credit: Untitled Group

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