Glue Your Eyes To The TV, A Breaking Bad Documentary Series Is On Its Way

By Rick Stephens
1st Jul 2020

Bryan Cranston playing Walter White from Breaking Bad, wearing a suit and tipping his black cap.

It was tough saying goodbye to Breaking Bad after its five-year reign on our screens. Fortunately, we’ve been able to revisit Walter White’s universe with spin-off series Better Call Saul and Netflix film El Camino, and we’ll soon be able to jump straight back in with docuseries The Broken and the Bad.

Slated for release later in the year, The Broken and the Bad is a deep dive into the real-life events that loosely inspired the story-arcs, plot lines and characters of the seminal series. 

Giancarlo Esposito—who played mob boss and fried-chicken franchise owner Gus Fring—is on hosting duties, where he’ll unpack pivotal moments (like season one’s bathtub scene) from the OG Breaking Bad and follow up Better Call Saul.

Early highlights of The Broken and the Bad also tease an entire episode dedicated to a small American town where those suffering from Electromagnetic Sensitivity can live in peace with little to no running electricity. The psychological illness, which plays a large part in the earlier seasons of Better Call Saul, causes people to believe that they experience discomfort from the electromagnetic fields given out by televisions, cell phones, wifi routers and modems.

Along with the true-to-life links within the series, Esposito will also uncover the operations of drug syndicates similar to that of the empire that Walter White built so meticulously, exploring the minds of dealers, middlemen, hitmen and swindlers like White himself. 

The Broken and the Bad is due for release on Thursday 9 July. There’s no word on where Kiwis can stream the series as yet, but with Lightbox/Neon holding the rights to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul in New Zealand, and Netflix releasing El Camino just last year, it’s only a matter of time until we score a local release date.

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Image credit: Jim Watson

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