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4 Ways To Host An Anything-But-Basic Home Brunch

By Sophie Oddo
2nd Dec 2020

If there’s one thing we want to keep from 2020, it’s cooking and entertaining at home. Not only is it a cost-effective way to get together with friends or simply enjoy a delicious meal, but it’s also the perfect excuse to up your culinary skills and experiment in the kitchen.

So to help us keep the trend going, we’ve teamed up with JUST SMASH to bring you a wealth of knowledge and tips on how to host what is unofficially the best meal of the day — brunch.

Here’s how to host it like a pro.

Get Gourmet 

If you’re thinking you can simply whip up some eggs and pour some OJ, think again. Brunch means business and to really impress, you’ve got to go gourmet. But don’t stress, these days it really doesn’t require much time or effort at all to whip up a top notch feed.

If you’re looking for something to really take your brunch to new heights, make sure to grab a couple of tubs of the brand new JUST SMASH range. These dips are loaded with chunky goodness and are perfect for levelling up your poached eggs on toast, the perfect accompaniment to delicious halloumi or simply dolloped onto fresh bread. The flavour combinations are endless with the range including ‘Avocado & Basil pesto with cashew, parmesan & lemon’, ‘Avocado & Feta with sundried tomato, lemon and mint’, ‘Beetroot & Ricotta with mint & balsamic vinegar' or ‘Roasted Kumara & Butternut with feta & lemon’. 

Nail The Flavour Combos

If there’s one thing that makes brunch, ‘brunch’ it’s the slew of sweet and savoury food. Forget about having to decide between one or the other, brunch is all about having it all. We’re talking eggs, bacon, quiche, cured salmon with cream cheese, hash browns along with all of our favourite sweet sensations like pancakes, waffles, danishes and pastries. While you don’t need to prepare all of that, it’s good practise to ensure you’ve got almost equal amounts of each food so your guests can fill both their savoury and sweet sides (that’s a thing, right?). 

While sweet and savoury combinations are key, the real gamechanger is ensuring you've got a wide selection of flavours for your guests to mix and match together. Make sure to get the full flavour sensations going with the JUST SMASH range so guests can 'build their own brunch' by adding these epic flavours and colours to level up their favourite food combinations.

Presentation Is Key

If you’re going to spend all this time shopping, cooking and preparing an epic brunch spread for your guests, you’re going to want to see the hard work pay off by presenting the food to Pinterest proportions. Hosting the perfect Brunch is a marathon, not a sprint, so make sure to take the time to get your delicious food looking the part. 

Simple touches like removing sauces, condiments and dips out of their plastic and into ramekins, slicing up your fruit aesthetically, dusting your waffles with icing sugar and garnishing your meals appropriately will make a huge difference to your spread. If the thought of garnishing has you scratching you head, simply look at it as adding colour to a dish. Think halved strawberries on a pastry platter, chives sprinkled on scrambled eggs and parsley atop of quiches. Chef’s kiss worthy.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

When it comes to hosting an IG-worthy brunch, it’s the little things like decor and table settings that end up making the difference. You don’t have to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars to get your set up looking the goods. Sometimes simple things like a tablecloth or placemats, fancy fabric napkins, a bunch of flowers or a table runner can be all you need to take your usual set up from basic to boujee. If you’re serving up a decent amount of food, using things like boxes and books can help to add levels and depth to your spread. If you know you’ve got guests with dietary requirements or friends who are just straight-up fussy, printing food labels can be super-handy. 

And finally, depending on the theme of your brunch or the vibe of the occasion, make sure to select an appropriate playlist for background music. If you’re using portable speakers, make sure to do yourself a favour and charge them the night before so you’re ready to roll once guests arrive. We all know there’s nothing worse than a set of dead speakers. As long as the tunes are pumping the vibes will be buzzing.

Pinkies up! It’s officially time to send out the invites and host a brunch of epic proportions with some delicious help from the new JUST SMASH range.

Image credit: Tim Cooper

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