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5 Budget-Friendly Home Hacks To Transform Your Flat

By Jess Willemse
1st Feb 2019

Gather around flatmates, it’s the new year and it’s time to tackle adulting head on.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or binged Tidying Up on Netflix, here are five easy hacks that will help you transform your flat. What’s more, our friends at The Warehouse stock everything you need. How's that for minimal effort?

#1 Get On Top Of Your Kitchen Clutter

Dirty dishes and cluttered cupboards mean it’s often easier to just order Uber Eats. But flat life means budgeting, so make your kitchen cooking-friendly with these three simple steps.

Dish Racks

Stack up your dishes with wire racks—these will double your storage options and create a place for everything. Grab this corner option for plates and pans and this shelf extender for mugs and glasses. Don't have enough drawer space? Pop your utensils upright with a vertical cutlery caddy.

Glass Jars

If you aspire to Khloe Kardashian’s level of organisation, then these space-saving square glass jars will have you living the dream in no time. They are a great storage option for communal dry foods—think pasta, lollies, nuts, cereal and baking ingredients.     

Personalised Labels

Get crafty (and clear) with your flatmates by labelling food containers so nothing goes mysteriously missing. Simply grab a glass or plastic container—we like these stackable ones—and label it with a liquid chalk pen, which easily washes off with water for the next use.   

#2 Transform Your Closet Into A Boutique

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a built-in closet which is why a DIY wardrobe made from flexible storage pieces like racks, shelves and baskets are the perfect solution.

Tidy Hangers

It’s time to ditch the mismatched hangers and invest in a set to space your clothes evenly. With nothing jammed between jackets, getting dressed in the morning is much more simple.

Colour Coding

Add that boutique touch by selecting seasonal items to hang on a rail, like your favourite denim jacket and summer dress. Organise these by complementary colours, style or from dark to light. It will look good and make packing away your gear a breeze.

Exposed Storage

Keep your storage flexible with this shelving unit and showcase your accessories like hats, bags and stacks of jeans. If your clothing isn’t up to being on display (we’re talking slouchy sweats) buy some baskets to hide away less-used items.

#3 Add Some Life To Your Flat

We all know it’s hard to look after yourself, let alone a pet. Find the middle ground with an indoor plant or two. They’ll liven up any space and clear the air when your flat gets stuffy.

Faux Foliage

If you love the plant look but have been known to kill a cactus or two, then why not fake it? Take your pick from a pre-potted fern or a faux monstera in a basket of your choice.

Mini Plants

Mini plants are the perfect accessories to any windowsill, bookcase or bench top. Pro tip: if you already have some larger plants, snip off a branch and repot it in a smaller container. Voila, a mini plant that will grow bigger as long as you look after it.

Fresh Herbs

Nothing says ‘I cook’ quite like fresh herbs. Keep your stash constant by planting them in this matching herb set. You can’t go wrong with kitchen classics like basil, mint and coriander, which you can add to everything from dinner dishes to cocktails.

#4 Swap Out Soft Furnishings For The Latest Trends

The classic flat look is an old couch from someone's cousin and Mum’s hand-me-down mismatched cushions. Don’t worry, you can solve this confused living room look with some simple swaps.


A rug on the floor, even when you don’t need it, equals instant grown up. Buy this fluffy geometric number or if you’re after a hardier one, this cotton rug will withstand daily wear and tear and look good at the same time.


Embrace the latest luxury fur trend with this snuggly reindeer hide throw, which could also double as a rug. Alternatively, go faux with this shaggy number. Make sure to grab a few, because one blanket is never enough.


Right now it’s all about cream and black geometric print, so stock up on these neutrals to accessorise your couch and living room chairs. For a pop of colour, you can’t go wrong with this stand-out embroidered cushion.

#5 Create A Shared Space

To achieve those friendly flat vibes all you need is an epic shared space to hang out. Take over a communal bookshelf or build your own and accessorise it with common interest items.


Create your own mini library by pooling your favourite reads. Each person can contribute cookbooks, coffee table books, fiction and magazines. If you’re short on a stash, grab the latest good reads online


The record revival isn't going away any time soon. Why not share the costs with your flatmates and begin to slowly build up a collection of your favourite vinyl? Start with a classic Nirvana number or Kendrick Lamar’s Damn.


Nothing says house party like a solid set of speakers. This retro system does it all—CD, USB, AUX and radio—plus the all-essential Bluetooth streaming. All you need to do is hit play.

Share this article in your flat chat and get planning. Luckily, The Warehouse has all your homeware needs covered, from storage to styling.

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