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Cakes (Almost) Too Amazing To Eat

By Olivia Atkinson - 21 Sep 2016

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Cake is the best. Be it big or small, topped with goodies or simply iced (we don’t discriminate), cake is always a good time. In fact, we tracked down the most epic cakes in Auckland here and here.

There are, however, some cakes that are almost (emphasis on the almost) too pretty to eat. Cakes that are works of art, made with love and taste absolutely wonderful, too. Whether you’re after a stunning creation for a special occasion or just like to have pretty cakes around you at all times (we feel ya), here are the most amazing cakes in Auckland.


Mt Wellington

Self-proclaimed baker, design nut and general fondant addict Tina Kapp-Kailea is the genius behind Sugarcoated in Mt Wellington. All her cakes look incred but our eyes keep gravitating towards the marble creations. These tiered masterpieces are coated in a hypnotic marble fondant and look so stunning, we wouldn’t mind keeping one on show in our office.

Magnolia Kitchen


In terms of Auckland’s cake royalty, Bets Monk of Magnolia Kitchen is high up in the ranks. You’ve no doubt seen their drool-worthy cake construction videos on Instagram and the finished product is no less amazing. From delicate fondant roses to metallic geometric designs, this cake company is all bout the wow factor.

For Heaven’s Cakes


We love a good pun and a good cake, so it would only make sense that we’d be into For Heaven’s Cakes. Based in Devonport, this boutique cake business crafts mind-blowing beautiful wedding cakes, including draped edible lace (!). The hand-piped antique crochet patterns that adorn some of the cakes belong on a Pinterest board.

Sugar & Spice


Mel Hurst aka Sugar Mama works her cake magic through Sugar & Spice. This boutique cakes studio is based in Manakau and makes cakes to order, no matter how wacky you design request may be. Mel’s wedding cakes are sure to make your day super spesh, while the custom 3D cakes are a total mind boggle. Who knew a suitcase suitcase could be edible?!

MegR Cakes


Meg has made a cake for the one and only Richie McCaw (xoxo) AND boxing legend Joseph Parker so she automatically gets a spot on this list. Not only that, Meg is a brilliant cake creator in her own right, fashioning all sorts of gorgeous cakes. Be it a wedding cake to remember or something crazy to impress your guests (our pick is a dragon), MegR Cakes has got your sweet needs completely and utterly sorted.

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Image credit: Sugarcoated

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