Coffee Flour Is The Invention You’ve Been Waiting For

By Rachel Lay - 16 Mar 2016

Coffee is so essential in our lives it’s kind of scary. It’s safe to assume that when we heard coffee-baked goods are on the way we kind of lost it.

Professor Daniel Perlman (also known as our new hero) has created powdered gold, or coffee flour, by milling par-baked green coffee beans with flour. Genius. The result? A flour that has four times the lift of your regular cup o’ Joe and provides a more sustainable release of caffeine for longer lasting perkiness.

And all this good news got us thinking: since coffee flour can be mixed with ordinary, less gifted flours, what life-changing dishes could be featuring in our not so distant future? Here’s our pick of potential coffee-flour inventions we need in our lives:

#1 Coffee toast with Vegemite

#2 Coffee pancakes with maple syrup

#3 Eggs Benny on coffee toast

#4 Coffee Pasta

#5 Coffee Pizza

#6 Coffee Doughnuts

#7 A Coffee Kebab

#8 Coffee Burger Bun

#9 Coffee Cheese Toasties #hangovercure

#10 Coffee Dumplings

Just saying, we’d rather turn to these caffeinated dream snacks than a cup of International Roast.

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Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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