Crazy For Coconut

By Natasha Van Der Laan
20th Apr 2016

Despite its typical association with tanning oil and pina coladas, coconut is not just for the warmer months. It's fat fighting, skin saturating and craving curbing ability make it completely winter appropriate.

“Consuming coconut has many benefits—the term 'superfood' gets used way too much these days and not many stack up to the hype unlike the mighty coconut! This nutritious drupe has many health promoting properties way beyond its nutrition content and really is a kind of super food,” explains Steve Bessant, Co-Founder of The Coconut Collaborative.  “Coconut contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that supply a host of benefits to the human body”

We’re sold—we just can’t get enough of this white goodness. Here are our five favourite ways to eat, wear and cook with coconut.

The Coconut Collaborative Yoghurt

Move over, dairy. There’s a new kid in town by the name of coconut! Made from coconut milk, The Coconut Collaborative’s yoghurt is free from soya, gluten and—you guessed it—dairy. These pottles are perfect to keep in the fridge for when the three-thirtyitis snack craving sets in. The yoghurt comes in five flavours: natural, raspberry, blueberry, almond and—our favourite—mango and passion fruit. Top with nuts, seeds and berries and you’ve got yourself a scrummy meal.

Little Island Coconut Creamery Coconut Milk

Oh how we love you, Little Island Coconut Creamy. The clever cookies behind the dairy-free ice cream we know and love are at it again. This time they’ve crafted deelish flavoured coconut milk. The refreshing drink comes in a range of flavours (strawberry, banana, coffee, chocolate and original) and is perf for an on-the-go drink or blending through your fave smoothie recipe.

Julia & Libby’s Coconut Ice

Stock up on all things coconut and whip up this little recipe. Crafted by Auckand’s Julia and Libby, this recipe ticks all the boxes—it’s gluten free, dairy free, raw, vegan and not to mention delicious! The secret to the vibrant pink colour? Beetroot powder! Who would’ve

Original & Mineral C Paste

Let’s be honest, we’re not all born with Jared Leto-esque locks. But don’t go hatin’ on your genes—all your hair needs is a decent dose of coconut oil! Infused with the good stuff, Original & Mineral’s C Paste will give your hair texturising hold and a healthy shine.

Roar Creamed Coconut Butter

We’re big fans of both coconut oil and coconut milk but didya know there’s such thing as coconut butter?! Say hello to Roar’s creamed coconut butter. Made from organic coconuts, this bad boy is made from the raw flesh that is then creamed into a paste. It can be used as a vegan butter on toast, in soups, curries, desserts or just eaten by the spoonful—yolo! Get amongst.

Loco for coco? Find out how to make a coffee scrub using coconut oil in 9 Natural Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life.

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