Get In Touch With Nature, Sir David Attenborough Has Been Working On A New Series During Lockdown

By Rick Stephens
10th Jul 2020

David Attenborough looking into the camera with a calm smile on his face.

Arguably Planet Earth’s most-loved human, David Attenborough, has been working on a new show called Perfect Planet, which he’s been finishing in lockdown. 

The five-part series is a deep dive into the intricate systems that nurture the flora and fauna inhabiting mother earth. Through Perfect Planet, Attenborough will unpack four key elements to life on earth—oceans, sunlight, weather and volcanoes—while looking at the adverse effects humans are having on each.

Attenborough and the BBC are in the final stages of the show’s completion, with only a handful of voiceovers and several scenes to shoot. Life in lockdown has, of course, created some limitations, though it’s reported that the 94-year-old veteran documentary maker has been recording cut scenes within his garden—which we can only imagine how utterly serene his backyard would be—while recording remaining voice-overs in a makeshift studio within his home.

Along with putting the final touches on Perfect Planet, Attenborough has kept busy by recording virtual geography classes for children. These are, of course, not exclusive to the little ones and would likely serve as some sort of soothing ASMR, though you’ll have to wait for an Australian release.

Perfect Planet is slated for release in the United Kingdom’s Autumn, so somewhere in between mid-September and mid-December for us Australians—pending any disasters or pandemics, of course.

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Image credit: Danny Martindale | Getty Images

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