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Fix Up Your Space With The 5 Best Kiwi DIY Influencers On YouTube

By Marshall Lorenzo
17th Apr 2020

Bryan Langston stands in a wooden tiny home

While the regular influencer might be grounded by influenza, it’s our DIY YouTubers that are coming to the rescue. While the makeover majority are typically LA-based, twenty-something and of the bougie variety, New Zealand still has its own corner of content creators that are showing us the way of the craft, laser-cutter, and cosy living. Relish in our pure home-grown talent as they inspire us to tackle those long-neglected jobs—you'll be chomping at the bit to get into your fave DIY stores again.

The Style Insider

Formerly working as an editor for some of New Zealand’s top-selling women’s magazines (including Fashion Quarterly, CLEO, SHE, New Idea and The Australia Women’s Weekly), Leonie Barlow has 12 million views (and counting) and is slaying the style game. Now heading up her own successful style mecca, Barlow has carved out a not-so-small corner of the Kiwi net with her Style Insider brand. While her channel is a plethora of all things fashion, style, and beauty, it’s her Minimalism Series, in particular, that has us swooning. With her clean style aesthetic, curation skills and de-clutter hacks, we gotta say—we’re hooked (a 3M hook no less).

Bryce Langston

Bryce Langston is a New Zealand based actor, musician, filmmaker, (who you may recognise most recently from Shortland Street), who is throwing away the big digs for tiny living. Obsessed with downsizing in Auckland's impossible housing market, Bryce has created a haven for all things minimal, small space design and DIY. He even wrote a book about it! (books make everything official). Not only does he share his tips on a more sustainable way of living, his channel often showcases how others around the world are embracing minimalism in a big way. 

Further Fabrication

Further Fabrication is no-nonsense, brah. With years of experience in the film and television industry (Blade Runner 2049, Thunderbirds are Go), Rob Chesney’s Further Fabrication is your one-stop-shop for DIY, 3D Printing, laser cutting and the slightly more complicated build for the DIY pro. After kicking it all off in Wellington three years ago, what started as a simple laser cutting tutorial, has turned into a hotspot for trustworthy and in-depth builds. From DIY pen displays to building a literal bed and even a motorized bike, this is definitely for the more experienced builder, but with over 38,000 subscribers it’s nice to see a Kiwi leading the pack in DIY laser printing.

Astar’s Place

Good Morning New Zealand! Remember Astar the craft queen from TVNZ’s Good Morning? Well, she’s still going strong and has concentrated all her efforts into a YouTube cornucopia of crafting delights. By the time the show ended in 2015, Astar had already racked up tens of thousands of views on her growing YouTube platform. Now at over 100K subscribers, Astar is bringing her kooky magic once a week for our entertainment pleasure. From how to make a Japanese Kokedama and french white-wash to literally incorporating a Scream mask into a floral display, she's done it all. While you can lament the loss of her antics on morning television, you can relish the fact that our cultural icon has found a new way to once again, teach us all how to talk like a queen.

Le Mitre Dix

Okay not to get obscure here, but if you don’t know Le Mitre Dix then how are you even hacking? What started as a small upstart from a Parisian prosciutto farmer turned water sommelier has somehow racked up a surprising amount of views. Okay jk, we’re just talking about Mitre 10 here. But just how is Mitre 10 considered one of NZ’s top DIY influencers? It’s for sure their ‘Makeover my Flat’ channel, the wonderfully earnest series takes regular Kiwi uni students and completely renovates their digs, which for any 22-year-old is a dream scenario. Get ALL the advice the deck builders named ‘Keith’ (probably), and pair it with all the prosciutto from Guilleme (New World, probably).

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Image credit: Bryan Langston

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