Do You Have Resting Douche Face?

By Jessica Pridmore
7th Mar 2016

Resting bitch face

As a sometimes victim of the debilitating social disease that is Resting Bitch Face, I empathise with all the (seemingly female) RBF sufferers out there that get tarnished with the ‘she looks like a bit of a bitch’ brush.

Generally, I consider myself to be a glass-is-half-full kind of gal, happily going about my day, enjoying all of LOLs with my pals and colleagues. On occasion I let my face relax into a sort of grimace, scaring off many of my nearest and dearest, but that’s just the way my face sits. Deal.

Ever since a couple of behavioural researchers proved that Resting Bitch Face is for reals not only a scientific thing—using super high-tech face mapping to analyse the unfortunate faces of individuals suffering from RBF—it’s findings were that its wearer was no more likely to be unpleasant than a non sufferer, and that the condition was also gender neutral (whoa!), meaning that men are just as likely to have Resting Bitch Face as women!

This result has naturally shifted the attention to our male counterparts, with good (sort of) news for us flinty-faced females. Welcome 'Resting Douche Face'. As opposed to both men and women folk who just happen to suffer from unfortunate facial expressions, Resting Douche Face has additional, more ‘unsavory’ characteristics that go hand in hand with a steely glare.

Do You Have RDF?

How do you know if you’re in the company of a Resting Douche Face? Here’s a few key things to look for when next out and about:

1. They’ve likely just cut in line at your local café. You weren’t actually queuing for a reason, were you?
2. Under no circumstances will a RDF offer up their seat on public transport to un-deserving expectant mothers or irritating elderly persons. You obviously wouldn’t enjoy taking a load off…
3. A sufferer of RDF has honed his man-spreading to encompass a 2+ seat radius on the train (they obviously need the space)
4. RDF victims generally have faces you’d quite like to punch.

Here’s looking at you Yeezy...

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