Ease Your Stress With These Simple Hacks

By Tennille Ziegler
31st Aug 2016

Ease Your Stress With These Simple Hacks

We’ve heard time and time again that stress is a big killer in our lives, but it’s easier said than done to manage stress. But, life is such that stress is pretty much impossible to avoid and so, we’ve come up with 14 hacks to ease your stress and add some Om to your week.

#1 Enjoy Your Meals

If you’re guilty of forgetting to eat come 3pm but you’re on your third coffee, then it’s time to change things. Make the effort to mindfully eat and enjoy your food. This should also help in making better decisions with what you’re putting in your body—think of food as fuel.  

#2 Take Time Out To Recharge

Sometimes you need to take mental health days, and mental health days are just as important as sick days. It’s ok to acknowledge you are at breaking point and you need time to recharge. On your mental health day, stay off your emails and do things that make you feel good. 

#3 Show Gratitude

Be grateful for the good things you have in life and show gratitude at least once a day. Being grateful can be as simple as appreciating you made time for a yoga or gym class, or the friendly conversation you had with the barista whilst getting your coffee. No matter how big or small it is, if you take time to appreciate the good things it can help you see the bigger picture in life. 

#4 Live In The Moment

Thinking about the future, or dwelling on the past can cause big stress—we’re all guilty of stressing out about what we need to achieve by a certain age. There’s no point in stressing about these things, take life as it comes and try to live day by day as much as possible. 

#5 Avoid People Who Cause You Stress

We all have people in our lives who cause us more stress than necessary. Notice how you feel after interacting with certain people and slowly cut-down hang times with those who make you feel worse for wear. If it’s your boss it may be time to look for a new job, or have an awkward conversation about how you’re feeling. 

#6 Say No

A huge problem for people is learning to say no to things. If you say yes to things you really don’t want to do, you’ll end up feeling negative towards that person or activity, and it won’t be a good time. You’ll probably also stress out about everything else you could be doing instead. Learn to be selfish with your time, spend it doing things that make you feel good. 

#7 Limit Your To-Do List

Having to-do lists are great, it can help you with motivation and get you feeling ready to tackle the day. But to-do lists can also be negative if you have too many things on there. Ever look at your list at the end of said day or week and be terribly disappointed that it never seems to reach an end? Try limiting your to-do list to five things max to do that day, in order of priorities. You’ll feel a greater sense of achievement and less worry and negativity towards your productivity levels. 

#8 Change Your Frame Of Mind

The common response these days when asked how you are is “I’m good, but busy”. We always hear how busy people are, and it’s true, you probably are busy. But if you’re constantly thinking negatively and reminding yourself of how busy you are then you’ll constantly be stressed out about it. Instead of having that as your response, think about the good things you have going on and respond with that. Perhaps incorporate your yoga class, coffee with a friend, walk in the park that you are looking forward to that week. 

#9 Look After Your Health

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but how many of you have heard this and not actually actioned it? Stress and health go hand in hand, so have a focus each month on what aspect of your life you want to make healthier. Whether that be diet, exercise, mindful and enjoyable activities, more time with family and friends, have one focus per month and make it a priority. Health is wealth guys!

#10 Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. How good does it feel to have a big bellyful laugh with your besties? Now there is laughter yoga—just imagine laughing with a bunch of strangers for no reason! Sound weird? We think so, but it’s the key to happiness, so we may as well give it a try. There are a number of clubs around Auckland, find your local here. 

#11 Focus On Your Breath

If your stress levels are verging on nervous break down situation, then you need to learn to focus on the breath. Once you learn how to take a moment to focus on breathing you’ll bring your stress levels down in no time at all. Take a few minutes to sit back and just breathe deep into your belly, filling it like a balloon.  

#12 Visualise Success

Studies show that the brain doesn’t know when you’re visualising something, or when it is actually happening. Instead of going into a negative downward spiral of stress, close your eyes and visualise success, whether that be a meeting with the boss, finishing a report, or quitting your job and becoming a nomad. Find what success means to you and visualise this when you’re feeling uneasy. 

#13 Listen To Music

Music can have a huge impact on your mood. Start a stress de-busting playlist with some classic bangers and your favourite songs that remind you of a good time to put that smile back on your dial. 

#14 Go Offline For An Hour

If you’re on deadline and feeling overwhelmed by responding to calls and emails then take some time offline. If you need to, set your emails to out of office for an hour, this will stop the distractions and allow you to pump out some decent work.

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