Get Sipping, Edible Coffee Cups Are Set To Become Your New Obsession

By Georgina Shearsby-Roberts
6th Dec 2019

Twiice Coffee Cup

Forget your keep cup (yes, trust us), cause there’s a new sustainable cup in town, and it’s ridiculously delicious. Get excited for your next caffeine fix, because cookie cups are a thing and they’re coming to a café near you.

It seems like going green is the new black, with Kiwis opting to ditch takeaway cups in favour of more sustainable, planet-friendly choices. Now, thanks to the team at Twiice, saving the planet has never been easier—or sweeter. Made from a biscotti style cookie recipe, the cup is all natural, zero-waste and completely edible, making your morning commute, afternoon coffee run, or late night pick-me-up a whole new experience. Through trial and error, Twiice have developed a recipe which is not only delicious, but is also able to withstand whatever drink you throw at it. So whether you’re a caffeine connoisseur, can’t go past a green tea, or love a comforting cup of hot chocolate, there’ll be a vanilla cookie cup waiting for you at the end.

The cups come individually wrapped, but fret not. Those clear plastic bags you see are actually made of 100% home compostable materials, so along with their cardboard shipping boxes, everything Twiice creates can be broken down naturally at home without the need for commercial intervention. So rest assured that indulging in your coffee fix will no longer contribute any unneccessary waste to New Zealand's landfill—who knew that caffeine addiction could be so good for the planet?

These sustainable sweet treats are popping up all over the North Island in some of your favourite locals such as Yeah Bowl, Freaky, Elements Lyall Bay, and Henry & Ted. So whether you live in the the big smoke of Auckland or down in Wellington, now you can choose a takeaway coffee cup that aligns with your values as much as it appeals to your tastebuds. If that’s not enough, they’re not stopping here, there’s talks of a chocolate lined cup (the perfect vessel for a cheeky affogato if you ask us) and a gluten free version in the works too. As it turns out, you can have your cup and eat it too.

You can get your own pack of cookie cups online here, or pop into one of their stockists to give this innovative (and yummy) treat a go.

Image credit: Twiice

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