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Epic Discounts For Auckland Students

By Nina Franklin
12th Jul 2017

Epic Discounts For Auckland Students

Being a student is a tough gig! You go to Uni to get a degree, to get a career, so you can make that moo-lah. But getting there is an expensive road. Student loans are one thing but the cost of living on a student budget is ridic. Of course, you can go get a part time job, but between juggling classes AND maintaining your social life there’s only so many hours you can work…… and y’know, priorities!

And let’s face it, Auckland City is EXPENNIES! After you’ve paid your rent and your share of the flat bills, your bank account is looking pretty frikkin sad.

We feel for ya. We’ve all been there.

So, that’s why we’ve compiled a list just for you hard working students. Because, well you deserve it. Keep reading to find out about Auckland’s best student discounts!

New World Metro

This is a biggie! Who woulda thought you could get a discount on your entire grocery shop just for being a student? And, of course, by saying “entire grocery shop” we actually mean your Mi Goreng, Uncle Bens rice, ready-made pasta packets and packs of Big Ben pies. But regardless of what your shopping list consists of (we’re not judging) New World Metro, offers a 10% discount to all students if you spend $50 or more. It’s a pretty sweet deal, really. Just be sure to have your student I.D handy and you’re all set.

Yoga Sanctuary

We know that studying and exams in particular can turn you into a big ball of stress. And yoga is proven to help alleviate stress through controlled breathing and meditation. So why not channel that inner yogi-bear and head on down to Yoga Sanctuary to centre your chi? They’re offering $10 casual classes to all you worn out students. It may just be the tool you need to get you through those torturous exams.


Now, we know that Uni can be a highly competitive place when it comes to fashion. With all the girls swanning around in their Lululemon tights and Nike Roshes and the guys with their Yeezy kicks. Being fashionable is an expensive business, so it’s no wonder students are always broke. And birthdays only come around once a year so keeping up with the trends can send you down struggle street. That’s why Topshop have your back. They offer a 10% student discount on every purchase with a student I.D. Hell yeah. Lookin’ good’s never been so easy!


This is an oldie but a goodie. Event Cinemas, which are based all over Auckland offer $16 general admission tickets and $16.50 digital 3D tickets to all students. And yes, we know that in this day and age it’s easy to download straight to your lappy to view in the comfort of your own home but sometimes it's nice to get out and into an actual cinema. Or, if you prefer to watch something a little different, why not head to the Lido in Newmarket? Every Tuesday they have $11 screenings, and $13 at other times. 

Auckland Zoo

There’s nothing like a good ol trip to the zoo to bring back the nostalgia of your childhood when adulting wasn’t your life and the hardest decision you had to make was where to have your birthday party. Well lucky you!  Auckland Zoo has a special price just for you! $23 with your student I.D gets you entry into the Zoo for a little bit of animal therapy. Because who said zoos are just for kids?

Hop Card

We all know getting to and from Uni can be a bit of a mish. With the Auckland traffic and the cost of petrol the best way for you to get to class on time is public transport. Whether it’s a bus or train, Auckland Transport have got you covered with their student hop card! Having a tertiary hop card is cheaper than paying in cash AND gives you a 25% discount just for being a student. Winning!

Student Card

This may just be the best discount on the list because it’s not just a singular discount. This student card holds the discounts for so many awesome businesses in Auckland—we’re talking food, coffee, travel, health and beauty, fashion, electronics and transport. THIS. IS. EPIC! Think 30% off online pizza orders at Dominos, 5% off rental vehicles from JUCY and 30% off all hair services at Servilles Academy. This card only costs $20 to buy and all you need is your student info handy to sign up online. See? Being a student does have its benefits.

Otautahi Tattoo

Feelin’ a bit risky? Go on, be a rebel and book yourself in to get inked. This tattoo shop is one of thee best in Auckland. Situated up on K' Road, Otautahi Tattoo offers a 25% student discount with the student card. We all know tattoos can be quite pricey, so why not take advantage of this awesome offer? The only question is…. Have you got the balls?

Arts And Graphics

Art students and enthusiates will be pleased to know Gordon Harris (aka Auckland's number one art and graphic store) offers a 10% discount. Stock up on all the paint, show your ID and volia—you've got yourself a sweet, sweet saving.

Bar 101

Students and alcohol go hand in hand. That just goes without saying. However, going out to a bar can be a costly expedition—$8 drinks and $20 cocktails are a luxury we know you students struggle to afford. But blowing off some steam is simply a MUST after the terror period of EXAM WEEK….. dun dun dun! Well, don’t fret because Bar 101 feel your pain. Simply bring in your trusty student card and you can drink $4 drinks all night! Or, until you get kicked out.


If you're all about good health and you're a student, Revive is one place you'll want to add to your must-visit list. They've been looking after Auckland students for some time now! All you need to do is sign up to their e-newsletter and let them know you're a student (and show them your ID) and you'll get a whopping $5 off every box at any time of day. With a salad selection that changes every week, we know you'll never get bored. 

Skydive Auckland

This is the go for all you adrenaline junkies out there. Skydiving,  is on many a bucket list but also very expennies. So, it’s good to know that if you’re game enough to throw yourself out of a plane you can do so for $20 cheaper, just because you’re a student. Just bring in that student card and away you go.

Skyjump And Skywalk

That sky dive not quite enough for you? Well, we have more news for you! The trusty Sky Tower cares about your adrenaline too and offers discounts to students. The SkyWalk will set you back $125 (that's a discount of $20), while the SkyJump is $195 (you save $30). Can you face it? 

Les Mills

Exercise is proven to help relieve stress, which in turn helps you achieve better grades and let’s be honest, with all that talent strutting around Uni, getting your body into shape is a must. But gym memberships are renowned for being very pricey, so Les Mills has put together a student deal that won’t break the bank. With a 12-month membership you can choose from the single club or multi-club option and take 10% of the original fee. All classes are inclusive so this really is such a great deal. Get amongst it, team!

STA Travel

If you've managed to save enough doolahs for a holiday, then STA Travel is your go-to. They specialise in giving discounts to students, whether it's airfares, accomodation, dining and more, so make them your first port of call when planning that epic OE. 

The Classic

The hottest comedy venue in Auckland, The Classic also makes sure to look after local students. Head there on a Wednesday evening for a special two-for-one deal just for students. You'll have all the lols. Hosting their Big Wednesday, you'll have 10 comedians packed into one epic show.  Just be aware that it's R18, so if you're a youngin' you may need to wait a year or two. 

The Cat Lounge

So, you've moved out of home and, chances are you had to leave poor Mr. Pickles at home with you're mum and dad. Never fear, you can get all the cat love at Auckland's Cat Lounge. That's right, sip on that coffee amongst 20-odd cats. AND because you're a student who's going to rock New Zealand one day, they offer a discount just for you. Yep, for $10 you can spend time getting Zen with cats. Purrrrrrrrr. 


Sign up for UNiDAYS and they'll hook you up with a discounted wardrobe. Your membership gives you access to a 10% discount from The Iconic, ASOS and Glassons. They also offer deals with Microsoft Store and Geckos Adventures—holla.

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