Fashions In The Field Tips With Amber Peebles

By Marilynn McLachlan
4th Mar 2016

Forget those horses, the races are all about fashion—and it's not over yet! Auckland Cup Week kicks off tomorrow with the BMW Derby Day and with it Fashions in the Fields. This is a winner-takes-all competition with a whopping $30K in prizes. The lucky winner can then go on to compete in the Viva Prix de Fashion on Auckland Cup Day.

Amber Peebles joins fellow judges Tracey Dalton and Robert Niwa this Saturday at the BMW Derby Day where black and white takes centre stage for the fashion conscious. We chatted with Amber about fashion, style and what she'll be looking for. 

When did you first become interested in fashion?

I think I got the bug in intermediate, that was when I first started playing around with fashion. It makes me smile thinking of my sweet combos.. thank god there was no social media back then.

Who (if anyone) is your style icon?

I get really excited and inspired through instagram, it’s an endless flow of ideas.

What tips would you give to women about matching their hairstyle and outfit to headwear? 

Think of shapes and styles that will compliment your face shape and make sure your look will last the day with minimal fuss. You don’t want to be worrying about things falling out of place all day. 

Do women have to wear a fascinator? 

If you don’t want to wear a hat, hatinator or fascinator you can opt for a simple flower, or a headband. If you’re thinking of skipping the head / hair accessory completely then possibly go for a creative hairstyle.

And what do you recommend women wear on their feet?

A stiletto or wedge would be my suggestion but whatever you choose make sure you can last the day in them, it’s not a great look stumbling home in beat up bare feet.  

What are your top three tips for what men should wear?

  • Get creative with your Blazer, shirt, slack combo. This is your time to have a bit of fun with colour.
  • Match your dress shoes to your belt
  • Think about accessorising, pocket squares and even socks are great to add a bit of flare.

What makes an outfit really stand out to you?

Racewear with a fresh twist, if you can manage to pull that off, you are winning in my book 

Is it all about the clothes or is there something more? If so, what?  

It is a lot about the clothes but the rest is up to the person inside to really bring the whole look to life.  Just be yourself and have fun with it, that always speaks volumes

What will you be wearing? 

I don’t actually know yet!! I just got back from overseas so I’ve left my run a bit late.

Book your tickets for the BMW Derby Day here. 

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