Fitness Classes To Try Before The End Of Summer

By Georgia Jayne Young
30th Jan 2018

Fitness Classes To Try Before The End Of Summer

Summertime is upon us and that means making the most of every single opportunity to soak up the sunshine, vitamin D and fresh air and what better way than ditching the gym and getting out and about while the beautiful weather lasts. Obviously, you can take yourself off for a walk or do your normal workout in the sunshine anytime you like but why not try something new like one of these fitness classes? Here’s to getting toned and tanned at the same time!

Dragon Boating

If you are a water lover this could be one for you! Believe it or not dragon boating is a full body workout, despite the fact that you are sitting for the duration. Your legs are working hard as the anchor, the muscles in your back, shoulders and arms do the obvious paddling work while your abs and core are used to stabilise and sit up right—meaning you’re probably going to be super sore all over after your first session, but don’t worry, it will get easier! With each boat having a crew of around 20, Dragon Boating is a great way to make some new besties and is perfect for all levels of fitness.

SUP Yoga

AKA Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. Yup, you read correctly, you know those yoga poses that sometimes feel hard enough doing on dry land? You can do them on the water! But in all seriousness, you don’t have to be an advanced yogini or SUP’er to give this one a try. With SUP Yoga, simple is best and you will surprised what a great lesson in mindfulness it is as well as a fab workout. Plus if you start to work up a sweat from the yoga, you can cool off instantly in the water below! It’s a win-win whatever way you look at it.

Running Club

If you are the type of person who needs a little external motivation to workout, joining a running club could be a great way to stay accountable. It’s much easier to flag your afternoon run if there isn’t a whole group of other people expecting you to turn up. This is also a great opportunity to make some like-minded friends and to get some running tips and advice from runners who may be a little more experienced than you. Don’t think you are fit enough? Don’t worry, running clubs are always looking for new members and you are bound to find a local one that is the perfect fit for you.


If you’ve been training at a gym by yourself for awhile, there’s a chance that you have been doing the same old exercises over and over and you have gotten to a point where they just aren’t challenging you anymore. If you wanna break through that plateau it is essential to change it up and do something that challenges you and that, my friend, is where the bootcamp comes in. Yes, bootcamps are hard AF and that is why they ultimately get results. Let’s face it, some of us actually need a person standing in front of us yelling to “DO ONE MORE BURPEE” cause we just wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Hiking/ Tramping Club

We live in a spectacular country and if you haven’t had your breath taken away by some of the scenic wonders New Zealand has to offer then you need to go exploring asap. Getting involved in a hiking or tramping club is an amazing way to get fit and see some amazing scenic views all at once. Being part of a club makes it super easy, you don’t have to plan or worry about looking at a single map. Plus, you’re bound to meet a load of different people who you might never have encountered otherwise.

Yoga In The Park

Combining nature and yoga, why didn’t we think of this sooner? Taking your yoga practice outdoors is the perfect way to add some extra mindfulness, reconnect to nature and centre yourself for the week ahead. Plus you’ll get all of the usual benefits that come with yoga, like strengthening, toning, increased flexibility and balance. The best thing is many outdoor yoga classes are actually free or simply ask for a small donation to attend. We think that’s plenty of reasons to get our Namaste on.


CrossFit is not just a workout, it’s a community, which is what any loyal crossfitter will tell you. If you are new to the city or are just seeking that feeling of community, look no further than your local CrossFit club. Whether you are competing against your own previous score, a friend in your class, or in an actual CrossFit competition, you will discover a drive that you never knew was in you that will see your fitness and strength levels accelerate super fast.  Plus many CrossFit clubs do at least part of their WOD (workout of the day) outside – perfect for summertime!

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