Fitness Dummy: We Try Bouncing

By Olivia Atkinson
7th Sep 2016

Uptown Bounce Fitness Auckland

As a child, my best friend was called Olivia (and before you say it, no, I wasn’t my own best friend…gosh). We would spend hours upon hours bouncing on the tramp, her doing badass backflips, me doing less badass belly flops. So, when I found out that I was going to bounce back to the past with a trampolining class, I hoped that my skills had miraculously improved with age (spoiler: they hadn’t).

Rocking up to Uptown Bounce in Grey Lynn on a Wednesday evening, I was ready to take to the tramp once more. Bounce Fitness is a medium-to-high intensity total body workout that aims to tone the muscles, improve coordination and get the heart rate up, all while being kind on the ol’ joints.

For those who haven’t been to Uptown Bounce, it’s basically your childhood on steroids. With locations in both Grey Lynn and Avondale, it’s bright yellow, dotted with tramps, a giant air bag, slam dunk hoops, an inflatable pit and a rock climbing wall.

While I was tempted to whip out a couple of belly flops for throwback’s sake, I wisely saved my energy. We (I recruited a fitness bunny friend for moral support) were given funky socks with sticky soles to prevent slippage and took to the tramps.

The class was led by Alex, a bubbly instructor who had this whole bounce thing down pat. We began by jumping up and down on the spot, known as our ‘hold bounce’. Everyone was looking pretty damn jolly…little did we know that a serious workout was about to occur. From mountain climbers and push ups to squats, star jumps and a whole lot of running and bouncing on the spot, we literally didn’t stop moving for 40 minutes.

Bounce Fitness combines cardio with strength and agility, thanks to circuit training sets. If abs of steel are what you’re after, 10 minutes of the class is dedicated to core work, including bicycle curls and the dreaded plank—yep, don’t expect to be bouncing about like a youngin’ the whole time—this is a hurts-the-next-day kinda workout.

After some much-needed stretching, my first Bounce Fitness sesh was done and dusted. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t expect the class to be hard but boy, oh boy did I work up a sweat. Whether you’re looking to spice up your fitness routine or bring back the memories like moi, Bounce Fitness is the ticket. One thing’s for sure—I’ll be back to belly flop.

Image credit: Uptown Bounce

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