Embrace Your Inner Khaleesi At This Epic Game Of Thrones Tour

By Morgan Reardon
8th Sep 2020

daenerys on set of Game Of Thrones stands in front of a dragon.

It’s been a minute since the groundbreaking fantasy series Game Of Thrones wrapped and if we’re honest, nothing has really filled that hole in our heart since.

Fortunately, for those like us who are still mourning the loss of not seeing Jon Snow on the screen each week, there’s relief on the horizon.

Just like Potterheads have Harry Potter World, die-hard GoT fans will soon be able to relive their favourite scenes with the Game Of Thrones studio tour. 

The truly epic tour features the actual sets from the hit HBO series and will also boast the incredible costumes and props that were used on the show. We’re hanging to see a Whitewalker up close and personal.

Visitors will be able to make like a Stark and stroll through Winterfell (BYO faux fur cloak), check out the throne room in Dragonstone, embrace their inner Cersei at King’s Landing and get rough and tough in the mess room of Castle Black. There’s also talk you’ll be able to walk The Wall and sail across the Narrow Sea to explore exotic spots like Mereen and Braavos.

The immersive, 110,000-square-foot experience is set to open later this year at Linen Mill Studios in Northern Ireland, which has been involved with filming GoT since its inception.

We’ll be adding this beauty to our Euro 2021 plans that’s for sure. 

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Image Credit: HBO

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