Get Amped New Lynn, GoodFor Is Coming For You

By Georgia Summerton
1st Aug 2019

GoodFor opens in New Lynn

It's no secret that sustainability and waste-free living are ultimate trends right now—the kind of trend we are all about. As people are moving away from excessive plastic and waste, companies are too.

GoodFor is one of the role-model businesses that know what they are doing when it comes to being environmentally conscious and with a new store opening its doors there's all the more reason to get behind them.

New Lynn residents get excited because GoodFor is opening their brand new store right in the New Lynn mall this Friday 2nd August. If you're not already familiar with the innovative and game-changing company—here's the low down.

With the sole purpose of helping aid the clean up of the earth, Goodfor’s sustainable shopping experience makes the task as easy as possible for the everyday consumer. The plastic-free shopping available means you can fill your pantry minus all of the wasteful packaging that usually comes with it. 

GoodFor is your ultimate package free, one-stop-shop for all lifestyle and grocery needs. Ideally, pop in with your own packaging or help yourself to the supplied brown paper bags, then fill up on everything you need and weigh it to figure out your final cost. From pantry essentials to bulk food items to cleaning products, the range on offer is exceptional and of the best quality. Expect to find an array of herbs and spices, teas and coffee, baking essentials, grains, rice and pasta and an outstanding selection of sweet treats. 

Be sure to check out the newest location which will be located next to the Countdown in the new New Lynn mall, or if you’d rather shop from the couch check out the online delivery service GoodFor offer here.

Ready to make some changes? Here is a simple guide to going plastic-free. 

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