Drop Everything, An Adults-Only Ice Cream Truck Is Coming To Town

By Armelle Frimpong
18th Feb 2020

The Häagen-Dazs ice cream truck

You know how it is, dinner’s done and dusted, you’re winding down for the evening and you’re suddenly struck with an irresistible craving for ice cream. Trying to convince your housemates that they really want to schlep to the supermarket for you is nobody’s idea of a good time.

Well frozen treat fans rejoice because Häagen-Dazs—one of the best ice cream purveyors in town—are sending round an ice cream truck slinging Belgian chocolate or salted caramel treats which are strictly for adults only.

That’s right, no pesky kids clustering around the window with their me, me, me. An ice cream truck After Dark no less. But there’s a catch, you need to register here for your chance to win a visit from the truck for you and all the people on your street—how’s that for neighbourly spirit.

But you’d better put your hand up quick, registrations close Thursday, April 2.

Pick me, pick me.

The Details

What: The Häagen-Dazs After Dark adults-only ice cream truck
Where: Your street
When: Monday, February 24 to Friday, April 3 2020

Image credit: Häagen-Dazs

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