Health Dummy | We Try Aerial Yoga

By Caylie Honeycombe
22nd Feb 2016

aerial yoga auckland, aracnation

Yoga, I’ve always wanted to love you. But thanks to my over productive mind, I have trouble with getting my zen on, so high energy, sprint-till-you-can’t breathe exercises have been my go-to when it comes to keeping fit. 

However, when I heard about aerial yoga (yep, yoga in the air), I had to give it a shot. How hard could it be, right? SPOILER: it’s hard. 

I rocked up at St Mary’s Bay Aracnation Aerial Fitness in my tight, tight pants in the hope that this workout would slow down my thoughts, help me get flexier, and push my limits. And that it did. 

Everyone was sitting in a circle on yoga mats, so I grabbed one and plonked myself down. First thing first was to get the blood pumping. We stretched, stretched and stretched some more, a tell-tale sign that our bodies were going to be put through some serious challenges. 

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only aerial yoga newbie there, and the lovely Jasmine was on standby to make sure we didn’t face plant like dominoes. The silks were pulled down from the ceiling, the groups were split into two, and it was on. 

Watching Jasmine and the other girls do their thang was seriously impressive. She pulled herself up the silks, strategically tangling around them, then dropping down into a graceful pose. There was no way I was going to be as poised… 

Giant bouncy mats were positioned underneath the silks, which helped the nerves. We started with the basics because aerial yoga is the kinda workout where you need to learn the logistics before you catapult into it. One by one, we mastered the foot lock, which helped us work our way up the silks. 

This is also where the strength comes in (helloooo toned bod). The stronger you are, the higher you can climb. 

Then came the hanging upside down—a full on rollercoaster for the senses. Once you take the plunge and learn to trust the silk, you can actually feel your body getting a solid workout. 

I surprised myself with the splits. I can’t do them on the ground, but I sure could do them in the air! It was my little win for the day. 

After a few more poses, the class comes to an end, and I’m feeling pretty damn good. It was a tough workout, but aerial yoga is hands down the most fun I’ve had exercising in a long time. As for loving yoga? Yep, I’m totally in love. And…I’d recommend that others’ try aerial yoga in Auckland too…who knows, you might love it as much as I did. 

Image Credit: Aracnation Aerial Fitness

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